Vampire Savior Tournament #2 for real. (Saturday 29 July 2006)

Game: Vampire Savior 1 (Darkstalkers 3) [Euro romset]

Tournament format: Double Elimination Best of 3. Half finals best of 5, finals best of 7

Emulator: Mame32k 0.64

Date: Saturday 29 July 2006

Time: 8.00pm EST

IRC Room: #vstournament on

Kaillera Server:

As you can read here’s the vampire savior tournament again, sorry about last time on which I completely fucked up on the date and time.

If there’s any questions feel free to PM me. Reply to the thread when you’re thinking of joining in.

Best of 7? Isnt’ that a bit excessive? Lol.

4/7 is standard for finals, & 3/5 for semifinals

I’ll be in chicago during this tourney.

im gettin top 3 this time like i should have last time
i will not be scrubbed by overheads and lag

Tenraiha, wimps!!

Well, the tournament was incredibly exciting with a grand total o f 3 competitors. Kicks became first, Twitcat second, and I became third. LOL, honestly though the turnout was abit disappointing.

I expected RushedDown to show up since he personally contacted me to ask when the tournament would be.

Ah well, in a few weeks time I’ll host another tournament.

i wasnt able to im sorry my internet service was off because my roomate said he forgot to pay the bill

haha That’s funny. There was a bigger turnout for the Breakers Revenge tourny a while back.