Vampire Savior: What did the game need to balance it better?

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Simple question really, but looking for complex responses because it’s been on my mind for awhile. What could have been done with the characters, systems and so forth to help make the game more balanced?

It’s already one of the most balanced fighters ever made.

I don’t think much is needed to re-balance the game, aside from buffing up low tiers like Morrigan.

Still though, everyone is rather usable and the top tier consists of a number of diverse play styles.

I have to wonder, with all the support that it’s been getting, especially in one of the HD remix threads, why hasn’t the game gotten much tournament play?Or at least, tourney play everyone knows about?I mean, you go through SRK and see tourneys for just about everything but Darkstalkers…or at least I do anyway

There’s still quite a following for this game in Japan with matches regularly posted on Mikado’s page…at least there was last year. I uploaded a few Mikado matches to my YouTube page:

I would really like to see people in the US get into this game though as it is super fun. I guess it got overshadowed too much by Street Fighter series. I would love to see an HD Remix version of one of the games in the series though.

Ooh, I remember playing this a little bit in MAME or something, this had a really strange round system. I’d probably end up maining Dmitri or Donovan, out of the characters I remember.They should definitely put a new installment into this series or remix the latest one to garner interest…or at least port that PSP version to a system that doesn’t have a crappy D-pad.

remove zabels and bulleta’s infinites
and for the love of god dont fuck with q-bees airdash

It is.

More like how can we make this game more “player-friendly” so that we can get more people to play this and not throw it down once they see the execution needed.

  1. Its hard
  2. There are other games

Wow, I got extremely negative repped just for posting this? Lovely. Now everyone’s going to think I’m the same caliber as a troll. @_@’

Anyway, reason I brought it up was seeing stuff like this:
A lot of the heaviest combos don’t even require that many power stocks (or in a few cases any at all) to pull off 100% combos on the opponent. So that’s why I was asking what could be changed more directly to tone some of that out.

you realize those combos are impossible in a real match?

Makes sense, I guess.

How exactly in some cases though? Generally the lower the power cost the more possible, especially things like the aforementioned Raptor infinite, or stuff like Talbain’s which only needs two power stocks.

Generally speaking, it shouldn’t matter if it’s a ‘real’ match or not if the criteria for the combo exists, no?

That’s true, it just comes down to a matter of practicality though. Are you able to put your self in such and such situation? How likely will you be prepared to hit this, ect…

VS is fine as is. If you are going to bitch about non-existent imbalance issues just go play Smash.

I always found Talbain to be ridiculous . Then again I havent played the game long enough to know what his weaknesses are.

^^ have a japanese sas or zabel in your face. I doubt youll be complaining about talbain lol

From my experiences in japan, VS is one of the most balanced games out there. Tiers mean little to nothing in the game.

it’s humanly impossible, those combos are programmed, meaning they weren’t executed by a human and even if they were some of those combo setups won’t happen once in 1 million matches.

you should check some matches from top players ( Mi-Ka-Do) and see how the game really plays like

Yup. Don’t touch game balance in Vampire. Game is too good already.

Hell, I’ve watched long sets between DD Sasquatch and Kame playing Sas vs Victor (absolute top vs absolute bottom) and they were completely going back and forth trading rounds.

Every character in that game has tons of tools to utilize, but like MagMan was saying… the level of execution and reactions required to be top level at Vampire turns a lot of players away. Personally its one of my favorite games and its probably my CPS2 board that spends the 2nd most time in the cabinet behind Super Turbo

Yeah VS is too good for its own good. It’s super fast, super varied, and super well balanced. A lot of people just don’t care or can’t really handle it at a high level because it is mind games at absolutely brutal speeds. The combos generally are short and you have no opportunities to catch your breath.

But yeah as far as balance goes, it is seriously one of the best. Every single character is not only viable but has some serious shit.