Vampire Saviors Last Stand Tournament Evo Vegas!

Yes thats right Im going to use everything in my power to make VS happen at Evo. Since no one knows the status of CigarBob and whether or not he will be attending Evo with his head to head cabs this year Im collectivley going to talk with some people so that this thing goes down regardless. I know alot of people including myself have been anticipating a VS tournament for awhile and with the likes of Daigo and Ohnuki who are strong VS players amongst others this opportunity cant be passed up. No its not arcade unfortunatly but its something.
Vampire Savior
PS2 version
-$5 Entry Fee

  • Standard Tournament Rules
    -2/3 single…3/5 semis…4/7 grand finals

This is not necessarily set in stone yet. I wont be able to run it fully since I will have my hands full with running TF but I can see what i can do. I will talk to Sabre, Chibi, Maighty Mar amongst a few so that we can get this thing rollin. NKI himself said that he will translate to Daigo and the Japanese of this tournament already so lets get this thing going…


Hell yes, I’m up for this.

I bought my tickets and booked a room two days ago, so I’m all over this now.

I’ll only be entering CvS2, outside of that I’ll help run the MB tournament, enter TF of course, and Rumble Fish 2, but I’m good to go otherwise. I’d love to be really decent in this game, there’s so much more I need to learn.

Let’s make this happen!


Vampire Savior came out for PS2?
Unless you mean Darkstalkers 3 for PS1?

Japan, IIRC released a collection (not like the PS) of each of the Vampire games.
Hell yes I’m interested.

Aaaah… thanks. I knew there was a Vampire collection for DC, didn’t know it came out for PS2 also.

no, dc version is chronicles. chornicles = bad. its the equivalent of sf2:AE. COLLECTIONS is just a collection of all the games INDIVIDUALLY which = good. and the ports are done very well!

Yeah Chronicles is bad! When I talked to Mario (Mighty Mar) he said he was coming with his modded but something happened with the chip in his ps2 so if that falls short then hopefully someone has a modded ps2 we can use.

Aaaaaahhhh… Understood. :china:
Thanks for the info guys!

Sign me up!

If worse comes to worse I can let my PS2 to be used.

If you can that would be great!

Shag see you there man!

I have the CPS2 board for Vampire Savior if you want me to bring it. If somebody can get a Supergun plus some good arcade sticks we can run it this way instead of PS2.

Let me know.

Jeron- You know I’m down for this shit. I got a New slim-line PS2 ready, so I can bring

the ps2 version if their is a chance that no one can get a cabinet working. Sign me up

for this event please. Peace Out

[Mario Gomez]

I’ll have my setup if needed to run this I’m still down to join this event as well, see you guys at EVO World.

I’ll see what I can do about asking around for that. Im glad that most all the VS players realize that Arcade version is a much better option. We’ll see though.

Once again we can definetly use a good setup for this to go down right. Thanks for your contribution.

Im glad we got a couple of options going for this so looks like this will go down after all! :slight_smile:

You know, I really suck at this game, but I’m still down.

same here