Vampire: The Masquerade/World of Darkness (tabletop RPG)

I always found D&D boring. Very rules-y, especially with the set of players that frequented the gaming hall I would go to (Neutral Ground in NYC).

I just couldn’t deal with it. I wrote off those tabletop RPGs and stuck to stuffing quarters into Alpha 3 and XvSF.

But then I was reccommended to play this “Vampire” game. I thought it would be lame.

15 years later, I consider Vampire: The Masquerade to be one of the greatest games of all time. And it reopened my eyes to the tabletop RPG genre, to the point that I don’t hate D&D anymore (but I’d still rather play something else >_> ).

It is getting a 20th anniversary re-release. I don’t know how many people on SRK really get down with V:tM, or the other World of Darkness series, or even tabletop RPGs in general, but I figured I’s post this, as this was one of the most influential games I have experienced. If there’s anyone out there who loves this game, and didn’t know, now ya know!


D&D is for real men and Vampire is for Larp faggots that need an excuse to never be out in the sunlight.

Oh. Well, okay. o_o
Thanks for the bump then. :tup:

I made a Flind Gnoll into a paladin whose mission was to destroy the god Yeenoghu for destroying his tribe and turning all his homies into ghouls. Needless to say his life was not a good one.

I had a fucked up DM in case ya’ll are wondering.