Vanao is now on the level of RX Aruka Kokujin etc



Vanao’s Ryu is now THE Ryu, like RX’s Urien, Aruka’s Ibuki, Kokujin’s Dudley, etc.
Not convinced? See this: [media=youtube]cbhbLrSQKyY[/media]


Vanao is the best Ryu. Kuroda doesn’t count.


OCVd 3 teams at a tournament beating Nukis Chun 2x, Boss Yun, Ma Jr, and Ike Dudley.

All big disadvantage matchups for Ryu.


I’m inclined to agree, although I think Kuni is slightly more consistent. I think Vanao on a good day is as good as anybody.


Kuni is better now. He’s your new King.