Vancouver, BC MvC2 Results

1st - [ATM/TEAM BC] Tao “ATM SPIDERTAO” Xie - Megaman/Storm/Sentinel/Cable/Commando
2nd - Jae - MSP
3rd - [TEAM BC] Scott “Stormboy” Phung - Storm/Sent/Cable/Commando/Blackheart/Doom
4th - [TEAM BC] Kyle “Spider_Sting” Syho - E Neto/Cable/Sentinel/Commando/Cyclops

Well, Vancouver’s First tourney in who knows HOW long… but it finally happened. New faces from SRK were brought together for the first time. I’d first like to thank everyone that came out to participate in this tourney. Then give a shout to first time tourney players - SuperLuu, Ponti, Zenpuken, TNOT, Tyson, Hailey, Gerald, and anyone else i missed.

Tourney had a pretty nice turnout… 17 people.

Highlites of the tourney include Jae UPSETTING Team BC’s own Scott Phung in the loser’s finals. Tao then picked Megaman/Storm/Sentinel in the finals and RAPED Jae…

The Curry King did not place 2nd like he did last tourney, as it was none other than the efforts of the mighty Stormboy, and China’s (inside joke :lol: :lol: ) very own Spider_Sting that sent his ass packing.

Superluu defeated Ponti in the first round, and a special appearance was made by Throbbing Hood, a masked man with a mysterious Magneto that seemed to be raping everyone up the ass. Only the efforts of “batman” could stop him, and did so in 4 games.

Kyle was knocked out in the late stages by Stormboy, who played to a nerve racking 4-3 set in the losers brackett semi finals. Tao is still too powerful.

This was the my best tournament performance by far.

Hope everyone had fun.

Thanks to everyone who came…

Damn work…

I am so mad I couldn’t come!!!:mad:

Good job guys!!:slight_smile:

kyle, you’re looking at the winner brackets, there were like 24 people all together but they had to play prelims

lol parniel should go back to india

who the fuck wants to hear about prelims though?

juicy tourney info~!!

heres a fucken juicy tournament info you dumb fuck. no offence kyle just juicy sounded funny. You sons of bitches are lucky i wasnt there, i woulda raped the shiet out of your shitty wester tactics with my new and improved lean mean, iron man machine. hey i heard long came to vancouver?!?!?!?!??!!

fuck you bitch… hahha actually yea u would’ve beaten us… all except tao cuz that guy is fuckin p0werful… man we need more tourneys in BC for reals, we had a pretty good turnout for that one…

Hey you forgot that i kicked the curry kings ass too:D

lol tyson is that you??
fucking alex man. you fucking left the winner lol

i hope the jap girls bite your dick off cuz they think its fucking erotic you fucking bastard

I see that Tao is still holding it down in BC :stuck_out_tongue: good shit

I see mega man in one of your teams :lol: let me guess … you sandbaged in the first round by picking mega man and went to the losers bracket as it usualy happens to you :lol:
nah, I’m just kidding, keep up the good work.

lol no, nobody wanted me in the tourney so i got by’s untill the winner finals, where they still didn’t wanna play me so i got sent to the grand finals where i played ONE round with a megaman team, almost losing but the guy forfeited cuz he didn’t wanna stay

dunno if he didn’t wanna steal my title, OR just cuz he didn’t feel like losing hehehe but yeah, that’s how it happened!

whats up Tao haven’t seen u online for a while.

he’s too busy looking at KIDDIE porn and filling up his ghetto garbage can with “used” tissues if you know what i mean :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

that sounds like the Tao I talked to :lol: