Vancouver Mall for MvC2

The cabinet is a shadow box with a large screen. Stick is a basic 8 way but it’s pretty solid. Lots of space to move around although it is 50c. Should get some of the Oregon and south Washington people down there for some play.

I’ll have to drop by next time I’m at the mall (which is rare) and see if there’s any competition.

vancouver mall? lol

I play it all the time they also have melty blood, mvc, rage of the dragon, and samurai showdown AR.

Then where does all the competition play at?

Other places. Got casuals and tournaments poppin’ up all over these days. tsunamiken has casuals/ranbats at his place downtown regularly. Some dudes down over there somewhere in Portland are opening up their home regularly, too. I think people still hit up Ground Kontrol. There’s a bunch of stuff, really. Check the Oregon Roster page for helpful info.

But now that I hear of Melty being at the mall… I need to go by there. I haven’t had a chance to try Melty yet.