Vancouver Street Battle (SSF4) Feb 5th, 2011


Hi guys, me and a couple buddies are planning on putting a small tournament together in Vancouver, BC (Well, Richmond to be exact :p), here are some details on it.

Please email to with your NAME, DESIRED GAMERTAG, or PM me. I will give you a confirmation reply once you’re on the list. (PLEASE DO PRE-REG IF YOU’RE CERTAIN YOU’RE GOING TO JOIN, this will save me ALOT of time. THANKS!)

**Vancouver Street Battle **
Super Street Fighter 4 (Xbox 360)
Singles / Teams (3 vs 3)

Event and Venue Fees:
$10 Venue Fee *You only have to pay venue fee once, even if you’re participating in both Singles and Teams) The venue is in the middle of Richmond, it has a huge open lot with lots of free parking, and skytrain accessable. So getting there shouldn’t be much of a hassle for most people. There are also TONS of food choices around the area for when you get hungry
$10 Entry Fee for Singles and $15 ($5 each) for Teams
(Entry Fees goes towards the pot for top 3 winners)

Saturday, Feb 5, 2011

@ E-Spot Billiards and Arcade


Winners and Losers Brackets, Double Elimination
Each match is 2 out of 3, Winners / Losers / GrandFinals are 3 out of 5
In a set, winner keeps same character, losers can switch if they like.
If player pauses during a match or stops the game play, the opposing player has 3 choices: Play the match from the beginning, take a free win, let it rock. (If pauses during an Ultra animation it’s ok.)


Teams: (3 vs 3)**
Winners and Losers Brackets
Double Elimination (1 set)
No repetition of any characters in one team (eg. Only one Ryu is allowed per team…etc)
If you cannot find enough people to be on your team, you can still join for we will put you together with other teamless players to form a team, on the spot.

Top 3 payout
Singles - 60/30/10
Teams - 70/20/10
and other prizes to winning players/teams from local sponsors (eg. gift certificates and such)

Starts at 1pm, goes on till the evening, until 7:30ish
, depending on numbers of participants. We have a decent amount of volunteer workers so we will be trying to keep things running smoothly as much as possible.

A few other things,
Sorry guys but theres a no outside food or drinks agreement with the venue, they sell drinks and snacks at the counter at reasonable costs, and there are also lots of restaurants around the area that’s within walking distance.

Bring your own sticks! Or if you don’t have an Xbox I’m sure there’ll be someone who’ll be willing to lend you their sticks for a match or something.


All Tournament matches will be recorded and highlights will be uploaded and posted. We are working on getting an online stream setup as well, depending on the equipment we end up using.

That’s all the info for now, you may contact me via email or leave a msg on the facebook page (Login | Facebook) if you would like to pre-register, or have any questions. If you’re positive that you or your team are entering PLEASE DO contact me for pre-reg, for it will be much easier for the organizing group to save time on the day of the tourny if we already have your info. :slight_smile:

Oh and we can never have enough volunteer workers! Please do contact me if you’re interested in volunteering as a helper on the day of the tourny! :smiley:


looking forward to this, might be attending(havent been to van in forever)

ill see if i can get other calgary guys to come


Ya come down with more calgary players! :smiley:


do you have to register beforehand or do we register on the day of?


Advice: Plz put the date into your tournament thread name! Else people won’t be privy right away to the date.


Woot woot! Get hype!

Also I believe espot is getting ae this week.


Ahh forgot about that, thanks!

esamson7: You can register on the day of, but we strongly advice you pre-register with us before hand, so we have less to deal with on the day off (so all we have to do is just collect the fees from you when you show up on the 5th. :))


Will there be PS3 setups for casuals as well? Some people (read: me) don’t have an Xbox stick.

Should be fun. Looking forward to it.


just curious, which part of espot will this be held at? The pool area?


Yes it will be held at the pool area at the back.
We may have 1 PS3 setup for those who doesn’t have an xbox stick and cannot find one to borrow. So we’ll have something figured out for you guys :slight_smile:

also, for pre-registration, please email your NAME, DESIRED GAMER TAG, to and I will reply you with a confirmation email once you’re on the list. PLEASSSSE pre-reg is you’re certain that you’re going to be joining, this will save me alot of time on the day of the tourny. THANKS


Also I will be lending out one of my sticks and I think a couple other volunteers are willing to do so as well so sticks shouldn’t be too much of a problem


moo, was using espot as a console venue your idea??? because that was a really really good idea, hahah.


haha ya I’ve been going there for years so I figured since I’m there playing SF almost everynight anyways, why not just make it happen there. LOL


Wait this is for console? I thought this was for AE. =/


Is AE involved in anyway?


Ya this is for console. AE is involved in a way since the venue (E-Spot) has a setup of AE there. :slight_smile:


i may be able to make it…
what’s the registration count at so far?


If Foger heads on down I’ll try to make it down as well. I’d gladly volunteer. I’ll try to keep in touch w/ e-mail.


If anyone needs spare stick parts, I’ve started a local Canadian shop. Canadian Joysticks LTD. I’ll be helping out at the tournament and bringing my gear just in case.


Hallooooo justin gor