Vancouver Street Battle Vol.3 (SSF4-AE Tournament on XBOX360)

VSB is back!!

Vancouver Street Battle VOLUME 3** June 18th, 2011 (SSF4-AE Tournament on XBOX360)**

That’s right guys, it’s been a while since we had a street fighter tourny, so well… this time we’re bringing you another one! This time with a few new shizzles to keep things fresh!

New shizzles include:

  • This time we will be running on the will be freshly released (for consoles) SSF4 ARCADE EDITION. That’s right, you will get to play allt he new characters, with the new balancings and such.

  • RANDOM TEAM BATTLE. We’ve decided just for this time to go fully random on teams, that means everybody who joins will be randomly placed into teams. We’re doing this just so mix things up, and try avoiding having purposly “stacked” teams. Who knows? it could be fun!

  • **BONUS PRIZES **for random draw (thanks to our sponsor Canadian Joysticks LTD.). This time Canadian Joysticks will be on site for all your stick needs, and they are also donating a Qanba stick that could be won by ANYONE who participates in the tourny!

Ok anyways, I’m sure most of you already knows what to do but I’ll briefly go over these anyways…

-Please email to with your NAME, DESIRED GAMERTAG, or PM me. I will give you a confirmation reply once you’re on the list. (PLEASE DO PRE-REG IF YOU’RE CERTAIN YOU’RE GOING TO JOIN, this will save me ALOT of time. THANKS!) Please specify its for VSB Vol.03 so we don’t get you mixed up with the old emails from the first VSB! YOU WILL SAVE $5 BY PRE-REGISTRATING RATHER THAN DOING IT ON THE DAY OF!!

Super Street Fighter 4 - Arcade Edition (Xbox 360)
Singles / Teams (3 vs 3)

Event and Venue Fees:
$15 Venue Fee if you register the day of @ the door
You only have to pay venue fee once, even if you’re participating in both Singles and Teams
The venue is in the middle of Richmond, it has a huge open lot with lots of free parking, and skytrain accessable. So getting there shouldn’t be much of a hassle for most people. There are also TONS of food choices around the area for when you get hungry*
$10 Entry Fee for Singles and $15 ($5 each) for Teams
(Entry Fees goes towards the pot for top 3 winners)


Main Event - Singles:
Winners and Losers Brackets, Double Elimination
Each match is 2 out of 3, Winners / Losers / GrandFinals are 3 out of 5
In a set, winner keeps same character, losers can switch if they like.
If player pauses during a match or stops the game play, the opposing player has 3 choices: Play the match from the beginning, take a free win, let it rock. (If pauses during an Ultra animation it’s ok.)

Side Event - 3 vs 3 Teams Battle:

Winners and Losers Brackets
Double Elimination (1 set)
Random Teams, just like I’ve explained up top. We will have a sign up sheet for everybody who wants to play teams and it will be the VERY FIRST THING that we will need you guys to fill out and get taken care of since we will need to randomly put y’all into teams. Mkay?

Top 3 payout
Singles - 60/30/10
Teams - 70/20/10
Random Draw Prize (Qanba PS3 Stick). This could go to ANYONE who participates. SO STAY TILL THE END!!

Starts at 1pm, goes on till the evening, until 9pm’ish, depending on numbers of participants. We have a decent amount of volunteer workers so we will be trying to keep things running smoothly as much as possible.

A few other things,
Sorry guys but theres a no outside food or drinks agreement with the venue, they sell drinks and snacks at the counter at reasonable costs. Just like last time, we will have the Japanese Ramen and Sushi trailors outside the Venue (which are VERY DELICIOUS)and there are also lots of restaurants around the area that’s within walking distance.

Bring your own sticks! Or if you don’t have an Xbox I’m sure there’ll be someone who’ll be willing to lend you their sticks for a match or something.

That’s all the info for now, you may contact me via email or leave a msg on the facebook page if you would like to pre-register, or have any questions.

Oh and we can never have enough volunteer workers! Please do contact me if you’re interested in volunteering as a helper on the day of the tourny! :smiley:

Pre-reg for singles and teams

Can also help out run pools but won’t be there until 1pm.

I will murder christian.

I mean. I will have fun.

Could the mods pls sticky this? :slight_smile: thanks

I think I’ll be at NCR, if something comes up I’ll try and make it. Throw this up in the negro thread of the NW section.

Dear Gentlemen,

This is sweet.

Yes, this is! :smiley:
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i think mods are having issues right now with NEW bb.

the random team battle sounds like it’s going to be ridiculous (and hype at the same time).

i will not be satisfied unless i have team salt.

Ya we figured we’ll try random teams just this once and see what its gonna be like. I think its gonna be pretty fun!

I sent you a PM Justin but it might not have worked! I’d like to preregister myself. Any discounts and/or benefits to bringing a setup? I can bring an Xbox 360 and monitor with me on the day of the tourney.

Guys I’ll be doing a list of who’s bringing a setup. We need at least 10.

I’ll be pm’ing people to see who can bring a setup. We also need the setup the day before the tourney. that way people arn’t running around with their head in their ass.

sometimes it can be hard to tell though

my head looks like an ass, for example

Ohhhh shit! That’d be awesome, if you can make it!

Also, I hope I make it past first round this time. ._.

umm since the mods are not stickying this… bump? lol

Just abit over a week away! Pre-reg now!

I’m I the only one that can’t seem to find a way to send PM on this new SRK?

So I sent an Email for pre-reg but never got an confirmation reply. Just wondering.

Hey Justin I won’t be able to bring a setup to the tourney after all… I have no way of transporting from Surrey. Can’t wait until Sat!