Vancouver Street Battle** VOLUME 2** March 5, 2011 (SSF4 Tournament on XBOX360)

Since the last VanStreetBattle was such a huge success (other than the slight overrun causing the tourny to end abit later than expected, WHICH WILL DEFINITELY BE FIXED THIS TIME), we have had many demand for a 2nd one. So me and a couple guys have decided to put the time into it and organize ANOTHER VSB, exactly a month away from the last one, it’s going to be on March 5, 2011 and once again, same setup, with a few minor changes!

Here are some minor changes that we have come up with for now:
- More organized and efficient running of the pools, especially during teams. We spent too much time running the team brackets because we insisted on running most of the battles on the big screen last time. We will focus more on getting most of the matches done until we get to Top 4, then we’ll play it all on the big screen. Same goes for singles, we will be making maximum usage of the small side stations. We will be much more efficient with time this time, so nobody would have to drop out of the Singles tourny just cause we’re going to be running till late night. :slight_smile:

- Pregistration We’ve made Venue Fee’s $15 for those who are registering at the door and you get a $5 discount if you’re pre-registering, we will have a dedicated person to take care of this and we will spend much less time with registration on the day of the tourny. So please, PLEASE try and pre-register (we just need your name and gamer-tag). You will still be paying at the door, I we will give you a confirmation # after you pre-reg and tell us that # when you show up, it will speed things up by ALOT. :slight_smile:
- Registration Cap

  • I know we probably won’t reach this cap but this will help us build the brackets ahead of time much easier, we’re limiting the registration #'s to 128. (as crazy as it sounds, we had around 100ppl joining last time, both teams and singles combined, so 128 is a very realistic number :))
    Vancouver Street Battle Vol.02, March 5, 2011 @ E-Spot Billiards and Arcades (Richmond, BC)

-Please email to with your NAME, DESIRED GAMERTAG, or PM me. I will give you a confirmation reply once you’re on the list. (PLEASE DO PRE-REG IF YOU’RE CERTAIN YOU’RE GOING TO JOIN, this will save me ALOT of time. THANKS!) Please note its for VSB Vol.02 so we don’t get you mixed up with the old emails from the first VSB!

New Sponsors

  • We will have a joystick sponsor this time, officially. If you guys havent noticed last time one of our volunteers Jackson is actually the owner of his own Stick Modding/Retailing Business “Canadian Joysticks”, this time he will be an official sponsor, we’re still working out deals on what exactly he’s hooking us up with, but since he’s a part of the tourny himself and he’s very motivated to help our scene grow I’m sure he’s gonna HOOK IT UP! :cool:

Super Street Fighter 4 (Xbox 360)
Singles / Teams (3 vs 3)

Event and Venue Fees:
$15 Venue Fee if you register the day of @ the door
You only have to pay venue fee once, even if you’re participating in both Singles and Teams
The venue is in the middle of Richmond, it has a huge open lot with lots of free parking, and skytrain accessable. So getting there shouldn’t be much of a hassle for most people. There are also TONS of food choices around the area for when you get hungry*
$10 Entry Fee for Singles and $15 ($5 each) for Teams
(Entry Fees goes towards the pot for top 3 winners)


**Main Event - Singles: **
Winners and Losers Brackets, Double Elimination
Each match is 2 out of 3, Winners / Losers / GrandFinals are 3 out of 5
In a set, winner keeps same character, losers can switch if they like.
If player pauses during a match or stops the game play, the opposing player has 3 choices: Play the match from the beginning, take a free win, let it rock. (If pauses during an Ultra animation it’s ok.)

Side Event - 3 vs 3 Teams Battle:

Winners and Losers Brackets
Double Elimination (1 set)
No repetition of any characters in one team (eg. Only one Ryu is allowed per team…etc)
If you cannot find enough people to be on your team, you can still join for we will put you together with other teamless players to form a team, on the spot.

Top 3 payout
Singles - 60/30/10
Teams - 70/20/10
and other prizes to winning players/teams from local sponsors (eg. gift certificates and such)

Starts at 1pm, goes on till the evening, until 9pm’ish, depending on numbers of participants. We have a decent amount of volunteer workers so we will be trying to keep things running smoothly as much as possible.

A few other things,
Sorry guys but theres a no outside food or drinks agreement with the venue, they sell drinks and snacks at the counter at reasonable costs. Just like last time, we will have the Japanese Ramen and Sushi trailors outside the Venue (which are VERY DELICIOUS)and there are also lots of restaurants around the area that’s within walking distance.

Bring your own sticks! Or if you don’t have an Xbox I’m sure there’ll be someone who’ll be willing to lend you their sticks for a match or something.

All top8 Singles and top4 Teams Tournament matches will be recorded and highlights will be uploaded and posted. This time around we should have a live stream as well, me and the other co-hosts are working on pitching in for the streaming device, we are also accepting donations if any of you guys would like to help pitching in :slight_smile: Help your scene grow!

That’s all the info for now, you may contact me via email or leave a msg on the facebook page if you would like to pre-register, or have any questions.

Oh and we can never have enough volunteer workers! Please do contact me if you’re interested in volunteering as a helper on the day of the tourny! :smiley:

maybe the extra venue money can go to derek and getting him an evo monitor.

<3 derek

Also hypehypehype

out of curiosity, how did the food vendors do? I’ve been to them before when they parked outside of the icbc buildings. They are pretty good.

I’ll see if I can coerce someone into giving us a chun li te ;o

Those food venders are GOOD. I believe they got quite abit of business that day as well. I asked the guys who works as espot, and they sold a shit load of drinks and snacks that day. So I think everybody was happy! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait till Mar5 already. DONT LET THE HYPE DIE!!! GO VANCOUVER!!! (freeatle you guys are more than welcome as well obviously, bring more ppl this time!)

I am so bringing my arcade machine and holding a thirdstrike/alpha 2 tourney on the side.

That sushi roll thing was so awesome. Though, I never got to see what the other vendor sold.

I wonder, are you guys doing anything for Marvel 3?

No marvel, that is for a different date. The other vendor sold ramen. Too bad the octopus ball guy wasn’t there. Love that guy lol.

that sushi cone thing was good but too godamn messy

Yes we will most likely be doing a seperate event for Marvel 3, right now we’re gauging interest in the 604 BC Thread, it’s a go as long as we can get at least 40 contestants, and we will probably be holding that around late march or early april

Shitttt, I’m coming to this! Missed the last one due to work. :frowning:

Attention to those who are doing pre-reg. We will be giving you a confirmation # once we’ve received your email/pm. Make sure you remember this number so you can just tell whoever is at the reg desk on the day of the tourny and just pay the fees then. Our goal this time to have the whole show running as efficiently and smoothly as possible. :slight_smile:

We’re going to be renting a small PA system too so no more screaming :smiley:

I feel bad for Derek

My gosh this is awesome! I was too late to learn of the first VSB, but now I know. And knowing is half the battle.


GET HYPE IS RIGHT!!! I’m almost certain this is going to be bigger than the first one! It’s so exciting to see all these new people asking me about the game and interested in starting to play it too. w00t!

Here’s a volunteer/fan made video of our LAST VSB event! Check it out guys!~
Please excuse the watermark in the vid, it was done with a trial program and he couldnt get rid of it.


Yo, is it going to be on MAME or something? If yes, I’ll bring my PS3 stick and come exclusively for 3S

I just checked last night, lol, I haven’t played SSF4 seriously in 4 months… I only have 38 hours of gameplay on it :lol:

^if my machine is up on time, I have a 2 player panel.

Vincent! Pre-Reg and save yourself $5!!

Justin, did you get my pre-reg e-mail?

Shieeet, A2/3S? I’m down for that.

Yes Derrick. Finally had some time to sit down and deal with the pre-regs for a little bit today. Been busy as helllll!!!
Keep the pre-regs coming guys!!