Vancouver Thread *Since old one has drastically collapsed*


ATM SPIDERTAO will be back in vancouver for vacation next week
Former best in BC in mvc2, Former best in BC in Third Strike and former best in BC in CVS2


i’ll be taking challenges and money matches in everything except street fighter 4 (unless it’s super street fighter IV), 2-1 odds for all takers (I’ll put up $10, you put up $5) and also in arm wrestling (if you dare)

recently got back into umvc3 also haha



$5,000 money match in GGXX (you can pick the version), FT10 - sound good?

You can practice up on that PS2 GGX2 copy of mine you still have, haha



$500 marvel 3, if you serious I will drive down there asap.



quoting this shit for evidence



Back from the dead. What happened to the BC thread? I’m so clueless.



I’ve already posted in the tournament/events board, but for all my lower mainland homies:
[Wednesday Night Fights at Play N Trade Abbotsford!](Wednesday Night Fights - Play N Trade Abbotsford - BC, Fraser Valley - All fighting fans welcome!

I am super excited that this is a thing. Apparently it’s been going on for about a year now but a lot of the non-Smash players cleared out, so I’m trying my hardest to get people interested again. Having a free venue to play at is great.

Every week I’m bringing the arcade sticks, the PS3, we got four monitors free for not-Smash, and I am repping every game under the sun. We have some proficient BlazBlue players showing up regularly, and I play USF4, I casually play Skullgirls, Darkstalkers, Super Turbo, 3S and MK9, and I just started learning learning GGXrd, BlazBlue, P4A and Tekken Tag Tournament. Aside from that I am down for anything. I’m even trying to gauge interest in getting some Gundam EXVS/Other multi-monitor fighters going on.

I was hesitant to make a thread specifically for the Fraser Valley, so hopefully this gets the word out.



Wednesday Night Fights is HAPPENING! Competition for KI, MK9, BBCP, P4A, and 3S is HOT! We also support any other game you might be into.

Also repping Vancouver Street Battle!!



What happened to the old school gamers indeed.



Too bad they destroyed the old 604 thread. Lots of good stuff in there haha



Does anyone in the tri-cities want to causally teach a noob how to play the classics (ST, 3rd strike, MvC2, etc) in the new year? I have the arcade hardware



Since the SRK forums are closing, I thought I’d direct people to where all the action is nowadays.

For those who do not know already, all of Vancouver FGC-related communication has pretty much migrated to the Facebook group:

Also, please support our central venue, Vancouver Street Battle, where players of all games (even non-FG) gather to compete, hang out, and learn!

RIP SRK forums, see you all at VSB!