Vancouver WA/Portland?


Is there anybody around that area that is into fighting games? I know theres a Best Bout in Portland. Ive been there once and it was my first time going to anything local tourny-wise. I live in Vancouver and Id love to try and get better in UMvC3 and fighting games in general. My friends and I play and we’re all around the same skill level but I’m just looking to play with new people.


that very same Best Bout also holds twice weekly sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays, starting at 7 PM and going late into the night. It might be a little bit of a drive from Vancouver but it’s the best way to get some quality playing time in with a new group of people.

Unfortunately UMvC3 has been on a bit of a decline lately around here, although there are pretty much always people at the weekly sessions that will definitely play if anybody else wants to.


Yangsing/simon is in vancouver but don’t know anybody else there. Not really any marvel players in portland/vancover. Yugo and Rek are the only ones really interested but Rek doesn’t play much and Yugo doesn’t have a car so somewhat limited in his ability to travel and play. BBH is still pretty good but he doesn’t really play.


Make the trip north for some Tacoma events. it’s a 2 hours drive but worth it for some good practice. There is a tourney this Saturday.


Which part of Vancouver do you live in? Most everyone around the Portland area goes to Bestbout. Someone is always playing umvc3 there.


I live in Fishers Landing but I can make my way around town. Im always up to play other games too. Im off of Clark for a while so I have time to plan something. Just really looking to play new/other people. Ive gone to Best Bout once and that was during the time Vanilla was around and the people there were really friendly. My friends and I were the only ones from Vancouver haha.


Marvel does get played at Best Bout for sure, most people (myself not included) play it there pretty competently. The best player in Portland for it goes Tuesday night, he is always down for matches. Friday brings out some other good players, we just basically play a lot of games right now. Anyway, if someone throws it in, it gets played. You should roll down if you have a chance!


Hey I am in Vancouver WA and I am down to play. I haven’t been to best bout is long good time, and I hope Ethan still has my stick!


What part of Vancouver?




Oh sweet! Ill be down to play.


sending a pm