Vangief! Bring the Pain!

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ok this is getting out of hand
vangief is a good player but i doubt he’s gonna be seen playing that much
he’s not like daigo
he doesn’t appear at every major tournament

but maybe he should now!

Get off this guys nuts, seriously. A geif who doesnt suck! HOLYSHIT

But he also plays on pad, only been in the scene for like a year, and he has no emotions! Fuckin robot!

using gief on pad is not a big deal. I play with gief on 360 pad and i can do all of his combos

damn the 360 pad is horrible for me! But it’s good to see some top level pad players in the top 8 like shizza and vangief! Also why would you doubt he’s going to “be seen playing that much”. Obviously you’re not on his nuts or else you would know he’s only been playing for like a year and just started going to tournaments a few months ago! He’s beaten Ricky at a past tournament and now J.Wong, he’s coming up pretty damn fast though.

Tru dat.

i guess these guys don’t get it . A pad zangief player, who is new to the sf4 scene. The most common mistake that every scrub makes it’s this " OH, I CAN DO HIS COMBOS ". I mean, it’s not about combos, it’s everything as a total package. Not to nut swing but ever since last year evo, no gief has did as well as he does, for a matter of fact no gief player has beat justin or any of the top 5 players in the US in a major, top 5 are, justin, sanford, marn, flash, ricky ortiz . Everytime you seen them go against a gief the gief got destroyed, everytime. I have seen some casuals and shit and some off brand tourny’s but nothing major the gief player has always lost. So, in reality it is a big deal, considering how god like gief was in vanilla and most gief’s still couldn’t do it then and now, with him considerably worst( take this as you want but gief in ssf4 is alot worst then vanilla hands down ) a person who people barely heard of from out of cali, who just started to build a name for himself beat the player that no gief has beat since vanilla came out, i’m talking about justin wong here and he does it .YES I’M SORRY IT IS A BIG DEAL

Even if vance gave you his pad and told you what to do, you still won’t be able to do it. once again i’m not nut swinging the facts are the facts. What other gief even came close the the top 32 none. So for this new guy to come from no where and place top 5 at one of the most recognized tournaments with 1800 people … yes it is a big deal. I guarantee you if this was done all over again he might have even won it. Considering what happened to him, which no doubt had a impact on his game with the nose bleed and shit and having to run back 10 mins straight to be called up, yeah man and having to play the ricky ortiz anyone would be off their game but no excuses he lost and did his best .


^true that, even though gief got nerfed incredibly bad in super he did an amazing job. Just wait a year or two after he’s comfortable with big tournaments lol. He’ll be green handing Ricky’s chun like nothing since his rufus can’t do shit!

Lol. I think you are using the wrong word. People here aren’t even possible of being salty…I think some people just do get tired of nut hugging after Evo quicker than others. There is always alot of it months following Evo. Vance duly deserves his respect, fans are for free. This is big shit because there is now a new boss in the ranks of top Evo players and he is a Giefer like us. But on the other hand, there was plenty of other stuff to by hype about this years Evo in regards to new talent. Of course speaking of Shizza and Gamerbee. I think there are just alot of nuts to be hugged right now and some peoples jaws get tired.

The facebook page for Van did make me cringe a little but thats my own gripe with facebook because that shit is gay.

p.s. Vance has a sexy brain. Go robot.

anyone got like a video of all the gief combos and inputs i can do the bread and butter lp lk green hand but everything else i have like no clue to do

Just break the combos down into small parts and learn them bit by bit them put them together.

I agree with everything you said. The guy deserves his glory. He did us all proud.

At my job a lot of people got back into SF and I was able to whip em all. When new people come they always ask how many hit combos you can do. Noobs know special moves, pros know pokes.
I tell em I know how to use medium punch and im pretty good with Jab.
they laugh. i demolish them.
I know the moves for everyone. I can do all the trials.
I only know how to play a handful. its when your comfortable in knowing your basics that you win. anyone can lariat and 360 spam.

Combos are for noobs.

Learn to light kick to exgh and aa lariet and tick throws

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aquasilk made one months ago with a large portion of zangief combos [media=youtube]0UWdruf8PA0[/media]

I actually think it’s easier for gief to get through a tourney now because so few people are still using sagat. I would rather fight rogs, chuns, guiles, rufus’s and bisons all day over sagat even with the buffs to the other chars and the nerfs to sagat. The match vangief played that I wish I could see is him vs aurturo sanchez in the group k winners final. I have no clue how you can beat a sim that good with gief.

Arturo said himself, the match is 9-1 dhalsim if not in the corner, 9-1 gief if sim is cornered