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Last update: 03/03/2014

What is Vanguard Princess?

Vanguard Princess is a FULLY FREEWARE Doujin (Homebrew/Indie) 2D fighting game created by a single guy called Sugeno who was released on June 30 2009. The style of the game is a wacky combination between “old skool mechanism” and assist support, all combined with the “all-loved by SRK” loli characters! ANIME!. VP was created on Fighting Maker 2nd, a Japanese “fighting engine” just like MUGEN but with a lot of more support and possibilities. You can read the Readme.txt of the game translated to English here (thx jumpAlice!).

Holy mother of fuck, this game is fucking beautiful!

Indeed!, this game got a lot of attention because of his pretty awesome sprite work and backgrounds. According to Canned Dogs Sugeno was “supposedly an ex-capcom employee as according to what people have managed to dug up about him”, this hasn’t confirmed yet anyway, but still…

So what requirements i need?

Very, VERY low specs:

OS? MS - Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Japanese Edition (or Japanese Locale).
CPU ? Pentium III 400MHz.
Memory? 128MB.
HDD? 400MB Free Space,?DirectX 7 required.

(thx jumpAlice!)

So this shit is Freeware? URL plz!!111

You got it:


  • 1.08 (Official link)

Older versions:

I heard there is an “American” version of the game, it is true?

Yes, the game was translated in English by eigoManga but is now a commercial software. You can grab it at GamersGate and now on Steam since March 2014. It was slighty censored but now Hilda is playable and as far as i know she is not broken.

What is the “latest version” and the current status of this game?

Latest official Japanese version of Vanguard Princess is 1.08, released on January 14 2011.

Since August 2011 Sugeno hasn’t updated his Blog, the status of the whole game is now unknown. The American company eigoManga has bought the official licence and translate the game on English. There is no info about an upcoming “Prime” version for now.

Help! the game doesn’t start on my PC

Japanese version of Vanguard Princess NEEDS your Windows regional configuration for non-unicode programs in Japanese. For change that go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Settings -> Administrative -> Change the Unicode language to Japanese (thx Lolerskates for this). Some people also tested the game with AppLocale or NTLEA and some times it?s seems to work but with some bugs, like unreadable fonts or no music. Also running the game on the root of C:\ seems to work to some random people. EigoManga version of VP runs without problems on any Windows version.

Every name in this game is in Japanese (Hiragana), who is who?


Main character: Yui Kutuna
Girl with magic stick: Haruka Kutuna
Loli grappler: Lilith
Boobs+Guns: Luna Himeki
Loli on yellow clothes: Kurumi Mirumati
Sword girl with blue hair: Saki Mitonoya
Sort-of-Ninja girl with dwelled clothes: Kaede Hioh
Mecha girl: Natalia Glinka
Loli with fighting sticks: Eri Hasumi
Bow girl: Ayane Ikuse
Final Boss: Hilda


Magical assist girl: Kanae
Robot assist girl: Ciela
Boxer assist girl: Eko
Ball-and-chain assist girl: Juliet

Has Vanguard Princess “Online Mode”?

Yes, you have two options:

MTSP: A netplay code made in Japan for any Fighting Maker 2nd game. It is now the best option for most people.

Download (English version)

LunaPort: A netplay code for Vanguard Princess. It was the only option for a long time, now obsolete for most people.

Official Site
Download (version R49)

Has Vanguard Princess “Training Mode”?

There is a new mode to enter to Practice Mode since 1.07, you need to press E in VS. Mode, as far as i know.

Is there a hitbox display mode?

Sort of: You need to edit the game.ini parameter “Editor.TestPlay.HitJudge=0”, change 0 to 1. Thanks Rikimtasu for this.

The soundtrack is awesome! where i can get it?

Here (Thx lipucd for this rip!)

Is there are more info about the game or characters somewhere?



Official Sugeno trailers:


Serikamo’s Japanese VP casuals.

1.00 combos:

[media=youtube]5hQIlBGjxBo"[/media] (by GoDSh0t)
[media=youtube]2bsJUqA58Js"[/media] (by sibladeko)
[media=youtube]CqxD07N1QDg"[/media] (by zer0kage)
[media=youtube]rcwRrS38bFY"[/media] (by yourmother)
[media=youtube]TGoReEhxDag"[/media] (by sibladeko)
[media=youtube]s8u-mCwCBpU"[/media] (by yourmother)
[media=youtube]juFid5jjo9o"[/media] (by alpha10th+sibladeko)
[media=youtube]8TI9ZJq2WN0"[/media] (by Dakanya)
[media=youtube]3u-P67_RaQY&fmt=18"[/media] (by Dakanya)
[media=youtube]kqVNh52LJ3w"[/media] (by H-F Blade)
[media=youtube]SQlgW5a75yU"[/media] (by Checkerpatch)
[media=youtube]DFwJJdFEZ00"[/media] (thx rikimtasu)
[media=youtube]IYeUbKyMH-k"[/media] (by dj_de)

1.01 combos:

[media=youtube]bicz7XPYJm8"[/media] (by canon5311)
[media=youtube]TLsXTKfuzSg"[/media] (by synix09)
[media=youtube]gY-5oXL17Wg"[/media] (by canon5311)
[media=youtube]ip2yZCeUemw"[/media] (by someAzNdude)

Vanguard Princess katakana tag for Nicodouga (thx rikimtasu)


Wow the sprite work in this is absurd.

Also lol at using EFZ’s ‘hit’ sound effects.

Give me a bitch with a gun or some zoning and I’m good.



and team poverty took all of 3 minutes to find this


waits for mizuki to post


Lol, how stupid i was, the first video shows that is running on Fighting Maker… hmm… bad news for me at least.


man i at least expected the dojo engine


Holy shit. It’s like magical girl sailor moon nonsense but with more badass. And those sprite animations are just gorgeous.



is so moe kawaii :slight_smile: i <3 donjon geemz


I hope this doesn’t end up sucking or being overly simplistic just because it runs on a fighting game maker.

It actually looks pretty interesting. The characters all seem to have lackies following them around in the background.


i cant tell any of the characters apart


Seems really claustrophobic, that ratio would’ve been fine if the game was visually simplistic.


Doujina Heart


that’s because it’s anime!!! ^_____________^’


Holy crap, that looks amazing!


I wish they would zoom in a bit more.


Bloody hell that thing’s looking awesome.

Hope the gameplay can back up the presentation though.


There’s more than one character…?


That is some beautiful sprite work. A tad too claustrophobic for me but again sprite work is word to mother tho.


This game is drawn really well, I hope it turns into something that plays well. And yeah, because there are no male characters and its in to hate anime no one will like this game here sadly because appreciating the art in the game isn’t the “cool thing to do” these days.


probably because its still generic garbage despite being well-drawn garbage