Vanguard Princess: Happy 5th anniversary!/eigoManga SUCKS - Now on Steam


Pulling the Dunning-Kruger at this point in the conversation and how you pulled it is just arrogant as fuck dawg. Step down


Mind linking to that? I feel like it’d be a pretty interesting piece of code to study.


Just wanted to say that, if someone didn’t know, the “netplay code campaign” on Indigogo was a total disaster, they only get like 750 bucks.

I hate eigoManga, so much…


And to kick it even more in the ass, they decided to release Hilda as a DLC character in all of her broken boss mode glory for $1.99.

Also, from what EigoMANGA stated on steam, Sugeno-san decided to take a hands-off approach with VG and let EigoMANGA do everything themselves. So yeah, this verifies that Sugeno abandoned the game. EigoMANGA is also trying to use Unity to port the game over from what they stated…again, I have no faith in this company of the Vanguard Princess in general as long as it stays in EigoMANGA’s hands.


Yeah, rising from the dead with this because… i don’t know… this is… good? bad news? take it as you want:

According to Ars Technica, Vanguard Princess sold the impressive number of 135,241 digital copies on Steam in 2014.

I just hope some of this money is on Sugeno wallet right now…


Despair! EigoMANGA owning Vanguard Princess has left me in despair!

Good thing I have that long rope in my closet…


There’s a 65% off promotion on steam. Whats the run down on this game?
Is the steam version the latest version and are there any game breaking issues with it?

From what I’ve gathered there’s suppose to a Prime version that got abandoned and the original creator has gone MIA. Did the publisher actually screw the creator over or are we just speculating? If he’s not benefiting from steam sales, then I’ll probably withhold on buying.


I’m still waiting for eigomanga to patch a proper online mode for the game.






Uhh… I’m not seeing the problem.


She is already available since day one and eigoManga changed every stage with a generic photo, voila, “DLC”.


Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


I mean… seriously.


You guys weren’t kidding when you said eigomanga butchered the Vanguard Princess port.
Good thing I never gave them any money.
Well now I no longer have any problems looking up the translations for free since I doubt these guys are helping out Sugeno.


…they keep butchering the damn game. The hell is with that candypop stage or music!? How the hell does that fit into the game!? What is up with that gawd awful character select screen BGM!? DAMNIT!

Getting that Kurumi DLC also takes the Lilith stages out of the game.


Kinda glad I withheld myself on purchasing the game back then. No way I’d be giving these dudes money or support such a blatantly bullshit cash grab.


So i come here filled with hope to see if there is a chance that Sugeno came back from retirement just to see this…


So is Sugeno dead or something? I found VP on steam and bought some shitty dlc for it in hope that some money will go to him.
Gosh they don’t even used the latest version and put some shitty 3rd party arenas.

I had so much nostalgia bound to that game. All “Animu pervert lol” aside Sugeno had very vibrant style and game was actually good.
Does anyone have any info about what happened?


Eigomanga always dodged questions relating to Sugeno. I can’t find anything on him after March 2014. That was during the time when fans wondered if Prime will still be added to the game.


SRK forums are going to die, and I just wanted to thanks everybody who enjoyed this game and supported this thread. It was a good run.

So, remember:

  1. The game is still free, at least the original japanese version
  2. eigoManga sucks ass, don’t buy that shit. They NEVER confirmed that “Sugeno is receiving our money for the reconstruction of his city after the earthquake” BS. It was just a rumor.