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Though that being said, the characters ARE a little uninteresting.

So you can’t appreciate that fact how well drawn it is at the least? I’m not saying play the game but it seems like no matter what–people LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to find excuses to shit on japanese games.

Yet character designs like Kratos are deemed awesome…hmmm.

I think the game is drawn rather well and its nice to see that some companies still do hand drawn art and aren’t doing lifeless 3-D all the time. I’m not saying I dig all the character designs but it just seems like SOMETHING had to be said bad about the game just because its a doujin fighting game.

did you not see how he mentioned that it is well-drawn or you just blind

It’s VERY well drawn. But that doesn’t make the characters instantly recognisable. Not because it’s anime (hell I love anime) but because they just aren’t memorable characters in their appearance.

There are some exceptions though. Some of the characters standing in the background do actually look pretty cool.

And yes, Kratos sucks.

That was said as means to an end to seem respectful. He still went out of his way to make sure he shat on it. Doesn’t matter in the end because opinions are opinions.

uh well okay




goes back to sleep


Speaking of which, Kratos is one of the worst character designs ever.
I will play a don johnson engine animu fighter before I play through the entirety of God of War AKA Prince of Persia: Ashy as FUCK Edition.

Don Johnson?


Wow, that’s freaking pretty. The hit sounds are lame, though.

Man, he really IS a motherfucker.
I would play a Miami Vice doujin fighter, though.
Oh sweet lord, you bet your ass I would.
I want to see chibi Edward James Olmos with a huge plasma sword rushing dudes down.


Yeah, that does look pretty darn well animated for a doujin project. Bit confusing with all the effects going around, but definitely pretty.

P.S. I’d totally play a Don Johnson fighter, too. Nash Bridges vs Sonny Crockett get hype.

I heard Ghostal is gdlk at this game.

This and the fact that assists overlap the main characters when they attack. That might make shit hard to see at times. We’ll see.


Kizuna Encounter?!

Really Clausterphobic, sprites look nice, but the animation itself seems kinda choppy (might be the fault of youtube though)

Truth has reached your ears.
I’m on that illest moe shit, you dudes just aren’t seeing me in this game.
Straight up Toucan Sam, I’ve got fruity loops for days.

No it doesn’t. At all. Watch videos 1 and 3, not 2.

Anyone notice when one person did the super, they had a little bar that went across screen that you had to time right? That was pretty cool and something I haven’t seen a lot of fighters use.