Vanguard Princess: SF4 TE Fightstick trouble

Recently, I’ve had the urge to seriously play this game. I’ve only got one problem, however; My SF4 TE Fightstick just doesn’t seem to work for this game. I know it isn’t a direct problem with my fightstick. My Melty Blood Act Cadenza, Big Bang Beat and other fighters work fine.

From what I’ve noted so far, the fightstick seems to perpetually move to the bottom and to the right. The game seems to function normally when I unplug my fightstick from my PC. My stick is not modded. It is a plain old stock PS3 SF4 TE fightstick.

If someone could help me, that would be fantastic.

Sasame Kiryu

For making a thread for this as opposed to asking in the Vanguard Princess thread, you will never receive your answer.

X-padder, joytokey.

Next time post in the general thread…