Vanilla location test footage

I’ve been looking for early SF4 footage, and it’s not easy to come by. The only footage I have seen recently was the debut gameplay reveal footage with ryu and ken, as well as the SF4 preview with Seth Killian that was posted on SRK not long ago.

Most specifically I want to see how Chun Li looked in the early builds. I know there were a lot of complaints about her in game model which led to several redesigns.

I remember when SF4 was first being teased and location test footage was being leaked I had no problem with the way she looked. In fact, I think the redesign is too out of character and the original was better.

Is my memory too selective? I would love a refresher bring me to a firm conclusion with proper perspective.

Anyways, since the original leaks I can’t find the videos anywhere anymore. I would appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Blast from the past. I want to play these early builds. A documentary on the making of would be sweet too.

Did you notice the music that played during the vs. screen? Does it kinda sound familiar to you now?

If it still doesn’t, try listening to 0:08 to 0:13:

Mind blown? Not surprising. It’s very likely they were working on it before they got the rights to Indestructible, and they went back to using it when Super launched.

Proof? Look in this video that shows the character select screen in its entirety:

Next observation to make is the track that takes over when both players have Ultra (I’m gonna call it the ‘tension’ track from now on) overrides the ‘low health’ or ‘pinch’ music. This is, of course, backwards from the final build.

Also, I’ve been poking around the finished arcade version, and even improving on it. So far, I have Gouken and Seth playable via memory editing, and with 2nd player colors for each (no crashing or untextured characters, yay!), but hopefully I can actually add them to the select screen somehow (I’m thinking it will be like Akuma, hidden off the top/bottom). Might try to change Gouken up a little bit to make him closer to the home version, but I may also just leave him be. I’ll post up some notes later if I get the chance.

Awesome video link dude, thanks. I love this old stuff. The original models and portraits are somethin’ else. Real cool.

Does Viper’s jumping strong/fierce UKD on counterhit in the final build? Was surprised when I saw it.

Also, the announcer sounds like Street Fighter X Tekken dood.

I’d tried to find some early loketest footage, but I can’t come up with anything. This announcer is completely different to both vanilla AND Super, but one of the postings on Super said the new announcer is from the early public test builds, so I’d like to confirm that myself.

Earliest I can find is 5th, and the announcer had already been finalized in that build.

More observations:

  • HUD is much different. Super bar is kinked while lifebar is straight. Ultra meter is where portraits are in the final and colored differently.
  • Super meter rises much faster, but doesn’t carry over between rounds.
  • Focus Attacks don’t cause grey health on absorb; sometimes super meter is given up to perform. (?)
  • No armor breaks. One of the videos shows Ken’s Tatsu being Focused. (!!)
  • Counter Hit in the air knocks the opponent down, even if as an anti-air. Looks much like SF x Tekken in this build.

Character changes:

  • Abel’s Super is much different, and doesn’t carry into the corner.