Vanilla SF4 on PC, Cammy Help?

Alright I give up, I need help.

I still play Vanilla SF4 on PC, Just so you know. Although I use a Ps2 Controller instead of a Keyboard.

Okay I main cammy, and I just cant beat sagat. All he does is jump back and throw fireballs. If I jump in I get round housed kick, or he does jumping firece and hits me out of the air. Spiral arrows dont work under the fireballs online, I cant react fast enough. Hooligan Combo gets hit by high fireballs, SBF gets blocked because of fireball recovery. If I finally do get in, which is a miracle, I just get raped by his tiger uppercut. I have nothing really special to do on wakeup that doesnt get raped by auto correct DP. Please help!

Ask in Cammy forum.

Was going to do that, but then thought that would only be dedicated to Super Street Fighter 4. Thanks, I’ll remake the topic there : ).