Vanilla ST and Marvel Tournament at Tourney Play Sunday Oct. 18th

Chris has given the go ahead for us to hold any side tournaments we would like at Tourney Playthis coming Sunday, so with that in mind, I give you…

Vanilla Super Turbo!

The First Tournament in Seattle in Damn Near a Year! Has a nice ring to it. Also, without a doubt and never to be left out,

Marvel Vs Capcom 2

They are going to be run alongside Street Fighter 4, which is a main event at Tourney Play. They are going to be side-tournaments, mostly for fun, so entry fee is $2 to keep it low but interesting.

Main Tournament Thread -

Room Location - Seattle Center Pavillion- Room B

Warren Ave N & Thomas St

The Red Room on the Map

Here is the ST/Marvel info-

Sign-Ups: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Original Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Time: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Cost: $2 Entry
Format: Dreamcast
Payout: 70:20:10
Rules: Standard EVO Rules

Marvel Vs. Capcom II

Time: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Cost: $2 Entry
Format: Dreamcast
Payout: 70:20:10
Rules: Standard EVO Rules

If you plan to just enter Marvel or ST, you will still need to pay the Venue Entry Fee, but at $5, it is a small gratuity to say thank you to Chris for putting in the work and holding this event.


We need at least 2 CRT TV’s. I am bringing 1.

We need at least 2 Dreamcasts with TDC2 discs.

It would be great to get an accurate count, so if you are planning to show up, posting up will go a long way towards helping us decide if we need more TVs.

I have a 19" crt that I am willing to donate to any cause (read: come pick it up, it’s yours. I do not want it back).

Panasonic w/remote included. Works great.

I’m sorry, but where is this? Is this at the same place as the event in this thread? Is it 38 onthis map? I want to be supportive of the Marvel scene, but this might be too sudden for me. And please be honest here, will this be starting and running anywhere remotely on time?

Also, in the other thread, venue fee is listed as $15. Are the MvC2/ST crowd getting a discount because our games are less of a draw? If so, huzzah for dead games.

You might want to amend the start time for ST. No way Beasley can be awake at midnight. He’ll turn into a pumpkin.

My home if the fabled graveyard for CRTs. If no one else wants it, I will adopt it.

Good catch on the time.

Yes, that is the tournament and that is the room. The Venue fee for Street Fighter players is $5. $5 gets you into play SF4, ST, and Marvel. I will let Chris know that the main post needs some love.

I am making the ST and Marvel tournament $2 because I just want them to be something people can come participate in as another reason to come. $5 to $10 could work also if people really feel like throwing down. Why wouldn’t they, I suppose?

I could probably spare $7 and join in on Marvel. Now to [media=youtube]AERf3U2s0kg"[/media]. We’ll see whether I can make this. How close and how much for parking? Anyone know?

Was talking to Pablo on Thursday about possibly attending the Marvel tournament. Who here actually plans on showing up to any of the events on Sunday? I ask mainly because we wanted to get an idea of how many people are bring MAS sticks. Also, would rather not spend the day exclusively in the company of Smash players.

we need more of these in Chicago.

but everyone is focused on SF4 and what not…

I’ll be entering ST, but I am so rusty its disgusting.

Is anyone even showing up for SFIV at this point? I know TW>* but I wasn’t sure what the deal is right now.

That shit is right up the street from me lol. It’s far enough away that I can’t carry a tv to it so…if anyone wants to meet up for a pick up let me know. I’ll probably roll through and play some SF and ST.


2 Days out until the GameClucks Tournament.

ST will be starting promptly at 12:00PM, so sign-ups will be from 11:00AM- 12:00PM. Marvel will also be starting exactly at 3:00PM.

If you are planning to come, post up here so we can get an accurate count and know who to expect.

Here is the equipment list so far.


XTG’s 19" tv
2 DC’s with Evo '08 TDC discs (still have to burn those later)
1 Tekken 5 stick
maybe 2 converters

We need people with Mas sticks who are planning on coming to post up. It is going to be a great tournament for both SF4, and ST + Marvel, so hoping to see a lot of people down there.l

If Keith were to bring converters that would be tight. Forgot all about this. Since I’m probably crashing in seattle maybe I should hit this up.

You definitely should.

Who won ST?

It was a really fun and laid back tournament. No one who actually plays ST showed up, so none of the retarded repetitious stuff that’s associated with that game really went down. Not even the might of Game Juice could have juiced up that game. No one even wanted to play warm-ups for ST before we got the tournament underway. I think the last time Pablo or myself played that game was on Joose night.

Thanks to Chris for putting on the event, and Brent for securing space and time slot for the SF related events. A pleasure to meet Hyre, Vagrant, and all the faces that were new to me. I laugh at the fact that Marvel outdrew both SFIV and ST. Actually, Marvel might have had more entrants than it did at NWM2.

What were the results of IV?

Emanuel won Street Fighter 4, with Paul lee in second, Carlos in third.

I was disappointed with the amount of people that showed up, but the people who did kept it real chill. Thanks for securing things Brent, it was good meeting some of the Marvel players!

I’m glad the people that actually play sf2 boycotted ST. Its stupid that the people who don’t play it anymore, but hate HDR get control of which gets played.


It was vanilla ST from the start since we would be running marvel on DC. The DCs I and Keith fucking lugged around along with all of my sticks. If you want to bitch about a $2 tournament with like 8 entrants I kindly suggest you slow your roll.

Its not minor to everyone. SF4 and marvel tournaments happen almost everyday. 2 is rare, we would have brought systems if we knew it wasn’t a hater tournament.

lol RickClops keeping the streak of shitty posts alive.