Variable Counter... not seeing much of it!

If you’re in the ground, it’s a lot better to use than Mega-Crash because 1) it gives you free tagging, 2) invincibility during the move, and 3) enemy gets vulnerable when hit.

Yeah sure, Mega Crash is good, but you might want to consider using this.

Most of the beef about Variable Counter is that it can be seen coming and dealt with. I love variable counters. I use them much more often than megacrash. However, variable counters have a big weakness: your opponent can summon their partner to block your attack, or baroque, then just continue with their pressure, making you lose 1 meter for nothing.

Still, I do agree that it should be used more often. Some character’s are better than others though.

Yeah they seem pretty good. People have started to use it more vs me to avoid my pressure, so I need to start using partner decoys more often, as well as trying to bait it. I have BBQed a couple of times just to block and punish. I think it’s probably better with certain characters though, some seem to have better attacks / more invincibility / better damage opportunities. I know polymar can get like half health off of one, and Karas can probably do his infinite, although I’ve never actually tried it.

Watch my latest batch of videos. Im using it a LOT.

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Well recently I found that blocking with your partner is only mildly effective. It’s quite possible for the VC user to hit both you and your partner if you are in range.

The nice thing about them is that while your opponent is in a VC state, you can’t cancel into supers. So VC is safe from counter supers and other things like that.

More power to VC!

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Maybe its just me.

So you can’t cancel to supers but you can cancel to specials? That explains some things.

Well I know as much (and I beleive you tested this as well) that Karas can’t use his counter super as a response to a VC, for example.

VC actually removes your character’s hurtbox altogether, so your opponents moves whiff when you’re in a VC state. Specials can be cancelled into as normal, but supers seem to be a no-no. It’s kind of weird.

This game allows you to cancel into special moves even if you whiffed your attack, and since when you’re attacking a VC opponent you’re just whiffing them, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to cancel into a special.

It seems like VCs still have some vulnerability before they hit though, I’ve hit people out of them plenty of times. I wish training mode had a record feature…

Yeah. There’s a slight moment of vulnerability usually just before the tagged character’s attack comes out. It just means you need to choose one of your opponent’s slower attacks for your VC.

Just from reading your other posts, I was getting a bad impression about you. Now this. Did you even try reading my signature? God damn lazy.

Yeah, some VCs are better than the others.

Karas’s seems to be the best.

yatterman’s looks pretty good too but i haven’t done much comparison
it seems to be better than rolls or cassherns

You know, a good wat to test the invincibility on these would be to VC in on a continuous attack like Chun’s lightning legs.

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whenever someone posts on this thread, I get excited because I think they’ve found a 0-death combo on Karas that starts from a VC… >:/

Haha, depending on how much meter you have after the VC it’s certainly possible.

It’s possible, but the idea is to try to get rid of Karas as soon as you can. Some characters can easily build 1 meter back after a Variable counter within one combo.

I really hope that Yatterman will be able to nab Karas with his infinite after a VC. Hurrr…