Variable Geo Max (V.G.MAX) Technical Play and Tricks

In this thread I will post most of what I know for each characters that are in VGMax, a super-deformed girl only fighting game for PC that came out around 1999. I hope this thread will catch/encourage more interests/play for the game for you the reader, as well as having my stuff corrected before it gets published in a form of .html/.txt which are bitch to edit. In addition, I would greatly appreciate someone to take some screenshot of attacks in the game, because I can’t myself with the computer I have.

First off. This game is hentai, take it as a warning, though I can’t imagine anyone possibly being interested in the game that way. Second. I know there are other games, this thread is not meant to be a comparison between this game and other games in quality, so I ask you to not to do troll posts. All flames regarding the game quality will be ignored; I’m not the guy who made the game.

This game is recommended for:
People who like combos and freeform juggles
People who like varieties in characters
People who like simple games that are easy to get into
Those of you who like a reasonably balanced game
People who like simple looking games.
People who want stable games so they can play while waiting for downloads.

This game is not recommended for:
People who don’t like “anime” games
People who expect a flashy graphic for a computer game
People who don’t like kiddie looking girl characters
People who want many varying attacks(“I love SIX BUTTONS” -JChensor)
if you don’t like dynamic scaling system
if you don’t like super canceling and other combo subsystems
if you can’t play with keyboard

Where to know more about variable geo series?
home of the underdogs is a good start. There are various imageboards to start off, like 4chan, for instance. Character command lists can be found at Now’s a good time to plug eternal romancia( )I suppose.

Suggested tiering(arguments welcomed) in best to worst order.

Satomi(one with kid on background)
Chiho(custom combo ninja)

Reimi(guile knockoff)

Manami(blana knockoff)

General controls for 1p
"A" key on keyboard: weak attack, referred as A button
"S" key on keyboard: strong attack, referred as B button
"Z" key on keyboard: short jump, referred as EX button
"T" key: up or jump
"F" key: back or move to left
"H" key: forward or move to right
"B" key: down or crouch

2P controls
regular “left” arrow on keyboard: A
regular “up” arrow: B
regular “down” arrow: EX
Numpad “8” key: jump
Numpad “4” key: back
Numpad “6” key: forward
Numpad “2” key: crouch

Basic universal controls
hold forward: move forward
forward, forward(hold): hop forward
forward, forward(tap and let go within 5 frames): cancelled dash*
hold back: move back, or if opponent attacks, block
hold down+back: crouch and block
back, back: hop back
up: jump
forward+up: jump forward
back+up: jump backwards
tap down, and tap up: high jump
tap down, and tap up+forward: high foward jump
tap down, and tab up+back: regular backward jumpwith a sound effect (-_-;:wink:
tap down, down the moment your character hits ground for a fast getup(not all characters have this)
tap down, down the moment your character is standing up from a downed state for a backflipping wakeup(not all characters have this)
ex key while standing: small jump

*cancelled dash will still move character forward. Plus, as soon as you recover from a cancelled dash it’s possible to do yet another one. In advanced play, this trick is combined with other basic controlls for many different usages. For instance: tap forward twice and let go fast, and jump backward while attack will let you do a moving jump attack without actually moving forward. Do cancelled dash and jump neutrally immediately, and you can do a neutral jump attack while moving forward. Also, often times this is a way to extend combos and pressures, eg: do a cancelled dash, and mash on A and some characters can get as many as three extra weak attacks in a combo, than they can normally do without cancelled dash. There are many more usages, but those are the main ones.

Basic systems:
You can cancel ground A to a ground B.
Jumping attacks including short jump attacks cannot be blocked by crouch blocking.
It’s possible to chip damage someone to their loss.
All crouching B attacks(except Masako’s) cannot be blocked while standing or when landing from a jump.
The maximum number of fierce hits allowed for OTGs and juggles are 4 hits.
The maximum number of weak hits allowed in a combo is 14 hits(Chiho is an exception).
Not all moves can be guarded in air. In addition, blocking too much in air will cause your character to break guard.
All non-fireball special moves can be cancelled into EX move or super, as long as the character in on ground, and the special actually hits or blocks.
Throws don’t damage opponent until they actually hit the ground. Any hits before then will cause opponent to go back to their neutral falling state.
A weak counter hit in air will cause the character to go into a neutral falling state, and any following attack they receive will be unblockable and counted as a combo.
A strong counter hit on the ground will cause a flashing effect, and it grants +1 extra fierce hit count to maximum OTG # hits possible.
Guardcancels: it’s possible to cancel your guard if you block a combo. That is, if you are already in a block stun, and successfully block another attack, you can counterattack by canceling your block animation into a special, EX, or Super. The special, EX, or Super you do will do less damage and have more startup time.

Moving on to stuff that matters… #1, Kaori.

Weight: medium-light*
Juggled distance: farthest*

*these ranks indicate how the character is juggled. A light weight characters get juggled the highest(vertical hitbox) and fall slow, and the opposite for heavy weights. Characters with far juggled distance get pushed far from the opponent when juggled(horizontal hitbox), whereas “short” would indicate that they don’t get pushed too far.

standing A
-used to stuff shortjumps, plus this can be linked from meaty st.B
crouching A
-hits low; cannot be guarded standing up
Standing B
-will give an advantage time on meaty/wakeup, but otherwise will be left at disadvantage. Pushes Kaori forward.
Crouching B
-hits low. Moves Kaori forward. Low prioriety.

jumping A
-A+ rank air to air attack
-will cause the game to crash if buffered to j.d+B in 4 frames :frowning:
jump, hold down+A
-will be at small disadvantage in frames if blocked.
-used to change the landing point
Jumping B
-cannot be cancelled into jump, hold down+B
-cannot be cancelled into jump, hold down+A
-used at corner where jump, hold down+B will cause Kaori to fall back.
Jump, hold down+B
-is considered as a “weak” attack(juggles up to 14 times)
-can be chained into itself
-causes knockdown
-cannot be blocked while crouching
-can be chained into jumping B
-can be chained into jump, hold down+A
-hits directly underneath only
-it’s possible to do airwalk**

ground forward(or back)+B while close=throw
-possible to continue combos with st.A, cr.A, and Cr.B

-only triggers when the characters are right next to each other, otherwise will trigger fireball(qcf+B).
-it’s possible to link lvl2 super afterwards at corner.

-slow startup
-advantage on hit: it’s possible to link st.A afterwards
-can be dodged with low attacks and dashes

-THE slowEST startup
-fast traveling speed
-disadvantages no matter what
-can be dodged with low attacks and dashes

-invincible until she shoots the first fireball
-recommended as antiair
-uses 2 fierce juggle counts

-airborne right before she kicks; will beat all ground low attacks right when she kicks
-NOT an overhead

-airborne right before she kicks
-2nd hit will guardbreak opponent if they’re airblocking
-possible to link super afterwards in some situations reguardless of juggle count
-wallslams on last hit

qcb+EX(spinkick + air combo)
-small or close to none invincibilities frames
-airguard will break on the second hit
-wallslams on last hit

charge down, up+A(knee launch)
-invincible start
-counts as a strong hit
-launcher for an air combo

forward, half circle forward + B(super; dash and combo type)
-no invincibility at start
-if characters are right next to each other, this will be unblockable for a damage slightly smaller than the regular version
-counts as THREE fierce hits(there are three parts to the super, first five hits, then the following hits, then the bicycle kicks+finisher. if the juggle count is finished, later parts will not connect)
-wallslams on last hit
-will bring juggle count to zero no matter what; cannot link any combo afterwards.

General tricks
**as long as enemy blocks something, she can bounce. Shoot a fireball and time jump down+B just right and she’ll bounce forward or backward depending where your opponent is. Mostly useless.
-On enemy wakeup, it’s possible to do a meaty st.B, link into st.A, into another st.B xx special
-hold down, up+A for antiair, and then jump with j.A into 34564123 jumping down+B combo
-jumping down+A or B for pressures
-jumping down+B for crossover
-her regualar jump attacks can cause crossovers
-do dash cancel into dp+B, if not triggered, you get a fireball and leaves you with only a small disadvantages frames.
-qcf+ex, tick throw
-cancel dash xx smalljump down+B is really annoying
-air down+A for Kim/Dhalsim style rushdown
-throw, into s.Ax2 xx qcb+A combo puts opponent into corner


Weight: Medium class
Juggled distance: medium class

Standing A
-nobody can duck under it.
Crouching A
-hits low
-short distance.
Standing B
-nothing special
Crouching B
-hits low, does not knock down
-about the same range as standing B
Crouch+forward B
-Cancellable slide: can duck under all fireballs, except for Masako’s.
-there is a slight startup.

Jumping A

Jumping B

-both hits are overhead
-gives advantages on block
-faster than B version, but moves shorter horizontal distance

-both hits are overheads
-bigger startup than A version, but gives more advantages(definitely at least +9)

qcb+ex(spinkicks x3)
-total amount of hits = 10
-all hits are overhead
-possible to supercancel
-VERY small invicibilities frame at start
-leaves advantages on block

hcb+A/hcb+B(snapback reflector)
-practically identical
-non body: the reflector part has no defensive part
-there is no ex version
-it’s possible to hit with the reflector AND bounce the projectile for a 2-hit combo
-cannot bounce all projectiles
-can bounce some ex projectiles
-ends with a small disadvantages

rdp+A(fire antiair)
-cannot be blocked in air
-will hit opponents on the back side
-cancellable on first hit into ex or super

rdp+B(fire antiair)
-cannot be blocked in air
-will hit opponent on the back side(counters crossovers)
-cancellable on second hit into ex or super

rdp+EX(fire antiair)
-maximum # of hits possible = 10

hcf+A(high jump, fall)
-advantages on block

hcf+B(high jump, fall with attack, then fireswing)
-causes knockdown

-exactly like hcf+B

f,hcf+B(dash and combo super)
-does not activate if the first hit gets blocked
-last hit is unblockable*

*On Chiho(or any human opponent who does not use fast getup), it’s possible to do throw, then super. Super activate and will combo a few juggle hits, forcing opponent to recover into neutral falling state. The last hit will hit and you reset the combo, gaining +3 fierce juggling count.
-b/b overhead combo: cancelled dash, shortjump, deep j.B, land, cancelled dash, c.A, s.A, s.B, c.B, df+B xx qcb+A(miss)
-opponent at corner: cancelled dash, hcf+A is a crossover.
-jumping A,B chain is both crossover.



weight: medium class
juggle distance: far*

*Chiho will automatically put into juggle state if she gets hit by a two-hit or higher hitting combo while crouching, even if the combo normally does not knock down. She then will recover from the juggled state.

Chiho also cannot fast getup from regular throws.

Standing A
-hits higher than average st.A
crouching A
-not a low hit

Standing B
-NOT considered as airborne; low attacks can hit this move
-disadvantage on block/hit even as a meaty
crouching B
-moves forward
-hits low

jumping A
-nothing special
jumping B
-can cross over

airthrow: forward+B or back+B when Chiho is close to opponent.
-vertical range is big.
-teching this throw will only reduce damage, they’ll still be thrown.

qcb+A(knife throw)
-will not hit up close
-disadvantages on block
-cannot be supercancelled

qcb+B(knife throw)
-faster version of qcb+A

qcb+EX(4x knife throw)
-it’s possible to OTG with
-invincible on start

charge back, forward+A(lunge punch)
-considered airbourne: cannot be ex or supercancelled.
-Satomi can crouch under hits #2~3.
-can only be done twice in a regular combo*
-gains good meter

charge back, forward+B(lunge punch)
-airbourne: cannot be cancelled.
-Satomi can crouch all but one hit of the special, causing all others to whiff.
-goes through opponent and switches sides.
-gains good meter

charge back, forward+EX(lunge punch)
-maximum # hits=10 at corner
-near instant
-invincible start
-travels more than halfway across the stage.

quarter circle back, forward+B(ninjutsu falling stab super)
-invincible until she lands(after that, she can only be hit by projectiles/invincible attacks)
-very long hit period
-uses 2 fierce juggle counts

down, down+B(custom combo activation)
-very small startup
-no recovery
-every action you do will be mimicked twice, including EX specials.
-the same kind of specials can only be repeated three times(i.e.knife throw only hits for max. of 9 hits) in a combo in this mode
-# of ground standing A hit combo limit increased
-you can block during this mode.
-shadows are gone the instant timer runs out, or if you get hit.

*the second one doesn’t even come out, unless you go into a neutral state(absolutely no button pressed) after the first one in a combo.
charge trick: hold forward, jump over, change direction towards your opponent, and button. Most charge tricks from other games work here because the timing is lenient.
-EX knives = instant
-Chiho’s dash has some invincibilities towards the middle. This is hard to time, but generally there are times when it’s guaranteed to dodge some stuff. For instance, if yuka cancels her qcb+b into qcb+ex, you can dash after qcb+b to avoid qcb+ex. This also has a usage in pressuring; e.g. st.B(blocked), link dash(enemy’s jab is dodged), attack.
-after custom combo activation, qcb+EX is for chip damage, and charge back, forward+EX is for actual hit damage.
-humanly impossible, but techinically blockable combo: activate, shortjumping B, land, crouching B. Hard to do.
-airthrow has such a big vertical range, that it can catch most wiffed antiair specials.
-Chiho can often do backflip getups. Just do d,d on the correct timing.


weight: heavy
knockback distance: closest

Standing A
Crouching A
-hits low.

Standing B
-low hit
-vulnerable against shortjumps and airborne moves
crouching B
-low hit
-can be cancelled into down+forward+B
down+forward + B
-low hit
-can be cancelled into crouching B, standing B or forward+B

neutral jumping A
-same as forward jumping B, but weaker damage
neutral jumping B
-fairly good air to air

jumping A
-air to air
jumping B
-recommended for shortjumps
-if done too deep, this can be avoided by the manual shortjump

There’s not that many special tricks I found with her, except:
charge down, up A can be cancelled into charge down, up+ex easily by doing charge down, up, tap A and then immediately tap B. This does less damage than regular ex version, so it’s kinda moot.



Weight: Lightest(she gets juggled really high)
knockback distance: medium

St.A “Ey!”
-hits low

-can be cancelled really late.
-moves her forward
-very short
-airborne, however may trade with some weak attacks
-has a stupid glitch*

-recommended as air to air
-all-around fairly good move
-crossover ability(not recommended)
-cancel it from j.B

*if enemy is blocking your fireball, do this move just as they block the fireball and she’ll bounce back, even if you weren’t close enough to actually hit with f+B… also gains a silver of super meter, but really, it’s useless.

-hcb+B(grab) will come out as qcb+B(spinkick)instead if enemy is not close enough, in hitstun, or in blockstun.
-qcb+B on wakeup vs Jun will crossover(corpsehop).
-damage on hcb+B is random: “punch” is the best because if the opponent didn’t fastgetup fast enough, you’ll be able to combo from it.
-s.Axxs.B(slightly wait)xxqcb+B, repeat is a very tight trap that works almost like a lockdown; enemy cannot jump out, they can only guardcancel out of it.
-“Tamao Beam” is exactly the same move as “Ikee.” It’s just a random voice acting.


weight = medium-light
knockback distance = medium

I put her in medium-light class because even though she’s definitely heavier than tamao and lighter than reimi/masako, sometimes I feel that she bounces up pretty high. It could be just me though.

-hits really high; some characters including satomi can duck under it.
-fast, hits low, but short.

-moves her forward, and has rediculous amount of time alloted before not being able to cancel.
-Chiho or manami cannot dash-dodge this move at all.
-low hit
-can antiair from max distance

neutral jump B
-great air-to-air
-falls fast

jumping A
-used for jump-ins
-chains really well with jumping B(almost always combos)
jumping B
-great antiair

-can’t be reflected
-this fireball is the fattest(horizontally wide).
-can’t be reflected

qcb+A/B(elbow, and palm)
-causes big knockback on 2nd hit

qcb+ex(elbow, and palm)
-if only the second hit got hit instead of both hits, it’s a forced counter hit.
-her only reliable antiair.

charge down, up+A/B/ex(reflector)
-causes knockdown
-knocks enemy far
-invincible start
-all versions are pretty much the same.

back, forward, forward+A/B(teleport)
-can be grabbed while the move is being executed… however, it’s also possible to tech it if grabbed.
-can be cancelled from regular attacks
-very small recovery
-very small startup
-can be used as guardcancel

charge back, forward+B(big fireball super)
-big chip damage
-only way for her to counter Chiho’s falling stab super.

-press back or forward+B during teleport; execute teleport this way(back, forward, forward+A/B, hold forward+B). This automatically techs all throw attempts.
-corpse hop with teleport(duh)
-use guardcancel teleport to avoid chips
-dash cancel by doing: f, dp. this prevents unwanted teleports.
-vs tamao it’s possible to do; c.Ax2, cBsBxxweak teleport, st.jab and continue combo
-overhead combo: shortjumpAB, land, cancelled dash,c.A,c.B,s.B
-after max range s.B, cancel to weak teleport to end up in front of opponent, and use strong version to end up RIGHT behind the opponent(throw range). Mix up with Throw and qcb+ex :slight_smile:
-from almost the edge of screen, after A fireball, dash-cancelled superjump will let you combo. without fireball, it’s a crossover.



weight = medium-heavy
knockback distance = medium

I’m not even gonna bother with most of her moves. They’re not that special except:

neutral jumping B and jump, hold forward+B
-practically the same, but air forward+B hits twice.
-makes yuka fall fast
-this move is great for a jump in and a crossover*
*do cancelled dash, follow up with shortjump(exbutton) right next to opponent. Yuka will go through the enemy. Now, do that and attack with forward+B, do it early to land in front, do it late to land in their back side. This crossover is best done on opponent wakeup, or at corner.

airchain: jAjBjf+B. If all those hit, dash under for crossunder, then DP+Bxxqcf+EX for safe follow up.

possible to combo after throw, but the follow ups will have big damage reduction penalty. I usually fire A version fireball and then j.f+B crossover at field, and at corner I just let it fall.

-really strong first 2 hits.
-supercancel into qcbx2+B will catch most characters except for Masako and Kaori, and does good damage.

qcbx2+B(SF style combo super)
-does not hit fully on Kaori

F,hcf+B(beam super)
-It’s possible to guardcancelled out of only on the very first and the very last hit. In otherwords, opponent has to sit and take the chip damage.

Masako: onto the low tiers

weight: tied as heaviest
knockback: medium-far

She has no low attacks.
S H E H A S N O L O W S . .

-is tied as the fastest sA, but combo scales badly
-it’s possible to do up to 10 s.A with after cancelled dash
-hits twice, but it’s better to cancel on first hit

-reflects most fireball except yumiko’s
-sets up crossover
-chips if blocked
-neutral or very small disadvantage if blocked

-lasts entire jump(approx.15 hits)
-neutral on block
-to chain into j.B as a jump-in attack, cancel on first hit

-DISadvantage after throw

-gains good meter
-good chip

-do this move by itself, it does great damage
-gains good meter back

qcf+A(shell bomb)
-recovers before explosion
-used as a setup for crossover*
-provokes enemy to move
-covers dash

-invincible start
-50pts possible damage

dp+A(spinning sword)
-safe if blocked
-good against yuka’s jump B and reimi’s neutral jump B

-extra hits on tamao and kaori

-bad damage scaling
-used to cut distance, and then cancelled into qcb+ex

-hits on GROUND
-untriggers tripguard: if misile lands first, and enemy on explosion, it cannot be airguarded
-possible to continue with combos
-stupid glitch: on the moment of K.O. it’s possible to extend #of hits, up to 4 hits total. Tap f and B alternately at the right timing.

bomb crossover:
if knocked opponent down with c.B, always cancel it into qcf+A.
Then, immediately, do a highjump A. The bomb now needs to be blocked by pressing foward(away from masako). This is a big part of her game.
-During super, Makako is invincible until right before she fires the missile. This is a really safe way to chip.

Jun, the wrestler.


Weight = medium-light
knockback = far

-slowest, but strongest st.A
-hits low

-strong, but universally causes big knockback
-can only combo qcb+A from this
-more or less 2nd farthest reaching low attack

-highest shortjump. Also fastest.

-Great prioriety
-A++ class prioriety. No regular attack beats this besides nanami’s neutral jump B.

jumping chains(opponent falling): j.A, j.B, j.d+B

-combos from st.B
-otherwise useless

qcb+ex(ground shockwave)
-hits full screen on ground
-hits three times if blocked
-can be repeated

charge back, forward+B(tackle)
-needs to be blocked low
-invincible start
-launcher for air combo

-dodges all attacks
-can be grabbed in the middle of move

-hits low
-can be continued with combos

-cannot catch opponent in the air
-opponent cannot do fast getup afterwards
-can be comboed afterwards

-reaches as far as st.A’s max range
-opponent cannot do fast getup after being hit by the move
-combo can be followed afterwards

hcfx2_B(super grab)
-at least 5 frames of start: it can be jumped out of after flash.

-Jun’s throws cannot be teched.
-Jun’s regular dash has recovery part that can be cancelled into her dodge(rdp). This is used as a crossup, as well as forcing opponent to jump/make mistakes. This trick is very hard to adapt at first.
-Jun’s back, forward+B can be followed up by st.A, and then she can continue with juggles.

Manami, the unusable annoying pos.

Manami, the pink hair.

weight: medium
knockback: far

if recovered from air, manami will roll back slightly as she lands.

-hits low
-can be used as OK anticipated antiair
-moves her slightly forward
crouching+forward B
-cannot be cancelled into anything else; bad damage and bad angle.
forward + B
-average poke

manami cannot chain her j.A into j.B, but she can chain her j.B into j. d+B.
Manami has the highest jump in the game.

jumping A

jumping B

neutral jumping B

jumping d+B
-Very good prioriety

qcf+A/B(cat rocket punch)
-practically the same
-recommended b/b = c.A, c.Bxxqcf+A, c.Bxxqcf+A

charge back, forward+A(rolling attack)
-recovers instantly if wiffed

charge back, forward+B(overhead rolling attack)
-invincible start
-may cross over some characters

-possible to combo super afterwards… but usually not worth it.
-if not close enough, st.B will come out instead

charge back, forward+ex(rolling attack ex)
-uses two super meters
-knocks down
-advantage on block
-if first two parts are missed, then it’s possible to continue juggling with combos afterwards
-very small recovery
-best used to counter baited antiairs

f,hcf+B(cat rocket punch ex)
-the last hit causes a knock back.
-knocks down
-very small recovery

Manami has a very high shortjump.
Manami’s neutral jumping B beats almost every air normals other characters have.
Manami’s dash is naturally low, and has some invincibility part twards the middle of it. It’s mainly used to dodge fireballs and not much else.
use cancelled dash to get closs on opponents before trying hcb+B.