Various followups for ibuki's close HK

What do you use against who and what do you do with it?

I think a lot of players use close HK sjc. into HP f+MK for the air reset,

But I’ve been experimenting with close HK c.HP sjc. into LP dagger for a reset.

What else is good?

I’m no pro, but I’ll throw in my 2 cents.

If i don’t jump up and give them the HP -> T.MK, I like to do a standing MK-> dash -> up close game.

I actually don’t jump up and hit them with the HP -> T.MK too often because the MK -> up close game can be really nasty. I normally MK, dash, throw. Sometimes I go into lp,mp,,hk chain.

I know there are better things to do, but I can do this one 100%, it works on everyone and its not bad.

I think the thing to do (if you can do it 100% of the time) would be launch, walk in, lp,mp, command dash w/HK, have them land on top of you so they dont know what side they are on and go for another launch.

I might have the inputs wrong so someone please correct me. I have seen this method really wreck shop and the best part is, it just resets the combo and starts the whole thing all over again. It might not work on everyone so someone please share the details.

my problem with MK dash is that you’re always in front.

Actually, I just tried this in training mode, but you can s.HK juggle s.MK xx dp+MP this crosses you up and you can meaty daggers in their face.

that’s disgusting.

I have to try that

My follow ups depend on where i’m at on the screen and I try to vary them just so I can avoid getting countered on instinct. I vary it to keep the opponent thinking by approaching them with different follow ups and varying timings etc. etc. Yeah, I know that doesn’t say much, but something to keep in mind. Try to have a few different follow ups depending on positioning and what not as well as to avoid opponents becoming familiar.

Against characters without DPs, I like to go for a MK short dash reset into a whiffed twd+HK to get them defensive then throw mix up.

There’s probably a few ideas you can use here.

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