Various Japan Stuff (Pickup at Evo 2k9 ONLY)

Hey all, selling some stuff. I will NOT be shipping any of these, rather, I be bringing what you want to evo and making the transaction there.

Street Fighter IV pins:
Viper/Chun set - $10 - 3 pins (sold)
Ryu/Akuma set - $10 - 3 pins (Sold)

I got these from the Osaka game show. They’re the same as the ones in this link here:

Each comes with the two characters plus a Street Fighter IV pin.

Touhou Remilia fumofumo plush:
Bambe Danielsen uploaded this image to
(that is NOT my pic, but same doll, mine is still in the original wrap)

  • $40
    These are limited and quite awesome as far as plushies go.

Touhou Reimu wallscroll - I don’t have a pic available. She’s got her eyes closed, and it looks like energy is coming from the ground.

Hokuto no ken clear file - This is also from the Osaka game show. Ill bring it for anyone who wants it for free.

Evangelion cord tags x2 - These go on the end of your cords, i assume they’re used to tie them up if you unplug them. The set has like, 6 pieces. $2 for each set of 6.

ojarumaru soft felt DS case x2 - Also from the Osaka game show. Red case for the DS with a pic of ojarumaru on the front - $5

AH2 Heart Mug - $15 (sold)

AH2 - Saki Mug - $15

Gundam phone strap - Got it at an Athena tournament. $3

AH2 Heartmatic Guide (used) Left side - $7.50 (pending)
AH2 Heartmatic Guide (used) Right side - $7.50 (pending)

Blazblue character posters:
I have the following (They’re of the character’s default character select screen pose):
$5 each:
Taokaka (pending)
Tager (pending)
Bang (sold)

I kept the Noel one, Jin and Ragna are going to someone already, and Nu/Hakumen weren’t in the set.

BB tote bag:

Looks like that, but it doesn’t come with the black handle

Anime stuff:

Kagami plush doll (OPENED) (sold)

  • Same as in that pic.
  • Opened

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Teana figure (Opened)

  • Same as that pic
  • Opened
  • $45

Haruhi Homeroom set figure NEW
Explore Atsushi Ogata

  • Same as the figure on the left
  • $20

Chun-li Spinning Bird Kick soundrop USED
-A soundrop which, when pressed, causes “Spinning Bird Kick” to be yelled out by Chun-li. Every few presses makes her say “Yatta!” instead.

  • USED. I don’t know how to replace the battery in this, so once it’s dead, it’s dead. I haven’t used it that much tho, so it should be ok for a while.
  • $5

Reimu donation box figurine OPENED:
-she comes with 2 faces, a normal one, and a crying one. Cute small figure.

-I have MANY MANY Hello project/morning musume photobooks. PM me or post if you’re interested in any of those, ill sell those for really cheap. Off the top of my head, i have ones of:
Tanaka Reina, Konno Asami, Michishige Sayumi, Kamei Eri, Takahashi Ai, Ishikawa Rika, as well as a buncha various ones of concerts and events like Winter 200X concert, for example.

-I also have a LOT of doujinshi. However, since I have so many, naming off all of them would be impossible. PM me if you’re seriously considering it, and name what kind of series stuff you’re looking for.

I have a buncha manga, too (all read obviously):
Idolm@ster RELATIONS vol 1 - $5
Idolm@ster RELATIONS vol 2 - $5
Idolm@ster various short stories manga - $4
Eternal Sonata/Trusty Bell manga - $5
Hayate the combat butler 1 - $3
Otaku no Musume san 1 - $3
Otaku no Musume san 2-5 - $6
Otaku no musume san #4 (I have an extra copy) - $3
Otaku no Musume san 6 - $7
Arcana Heart vol 1 - $5
Arcana Heart vol 2 - $7
Various Boys Be 2nd season - $1-2 dollars each (Earlier volumes are $1, later vol are $2) PM/post if interested

If anyone is interested in anything above, post or PM. Whatever people don’t want, I won’t bring to evo. Also, unless I’ve met you before, I only accept payment in advance. I don’t want to bring the stuff and have someone go “oh yeah, i actually don’t have money, sorry”. The stuff is either coming with me to america and being sold, or it’s not coming with me at all. I need the space to bring stuff back to Japan, so instead of having to deal with excuses, I would rather just get the money in advance.

I’ve done many successful transactions on these forums, and I’d like to keep my record straight. If you’re thinking “Gee, is this HeartNana fellow trustworthy? Will he give me a good transaction?” Read my thread. I’m "fucking awesome."

Also, if someone makes it REALLLLLLLLLLY worth my while, I might consider buying something for you at evo. I normally don’t like doing this, but since I don’t have to ship it, I’d be more willing. But you have to make it worth my while. I’ve had people in the past offer absolutely nothing for me to run the errand, and since I have a full time job and work 40+ hours a week, I don’t really want to waste time out of my precious weekend getting stuff for someone who doesn’t think that my time is worth anything.

hey whats up man. xctu right?

let me get one of those ryu/akuma pins, they look pretty cool. ill pm you.

Sup, yes, I’m XCTU. I retired that Screen name many years ago. I’ll hold the pins for you, np, and I’m looking forward to the arrival of your PM. Hope to get some games of T6 in with you, too, lol.

edit: Ryu/Akuma set sold.

Hey Rob, let me get one of those Chun/Vipes pin sets ;0) !

I’ll be at EVO.

I’ll take the Heart mug (plus my Petra mug), along with the Kagami plush.

If you find Fiona anything out there let me know.


Markman - No problem, see you at evo!

Chibi - Ok, I’ll bring them for you. I haven’t seen anything Fiona so far, but if I do, I’ll let you know.

yo im going to shotgun the bang poster

I’ll take the Taokaka poster

I’ll gladly take the Tager poster off your hands.

Judge - Gotcha, I got your PM, too, and sent one back.

SugaFree - Check your PMs.

Done, sent payment.

By the way, I forgot to ask. That Hokuto no Ken clear file. Is that like, a nail fail or a game save file or something else? I am suffering from some sleep depravation so excuse me. :sweat:

Clear Files are what you put paper in.
Japan has a lot of them with various designs.

HeartNana happens to have a Hotoko no Ken.
Maybe is this one?
I don’t know.

Many people have collection of Clear Files.

^Ah ok, thanks jdm

Well, I wouldn’t mind taking that off your hands Heartnana. PM’d you.

got any pics of the gundam phone strap?

Your coming to evo from japan? I actually have a favor to ask. If its too much let me know. just curious.

they have SF4 wallscrolls they only sell in japan. I don’t know how to get ahold of them. do you know of stores sell them or if they sell them online anywhere?

these are the ones im referring to.

Edit: Ack ! Found the products :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure how much they cost in American currency

tajiri - Not yet, ill get some pics of it soon (hopefully).

Suga - Yeah, it’s the one that JDM posted. It’s yours, lol.

Dios - I’ve never seen those in stores. The price listed is 4000~, which is about 42-43 dollars based off exchange rate. Not sure about shipping either.

They’re both in stock online, though…

Hey guys, I had someone cancel out at me on the last minute, so I’m selling a BRAND NEW FUC hori for the PS2!

Here’s pics:

It’s never been used. No box, however. Anyways, pickup at Evo. Originally, I was gonna sell it for $150, but I’m lowering the price to $130. Just find me at evo and if you have the cash, I’ll sell it.

Also, I’m selling a slightly used FUC stick IN ADDITION. This one will be available only after i use it for all of my tournament matches. $100 sounds fair since the sticks are still quite rare, and it’s in great condition.

I won’t be able to check this thread after another hour or so, so just try to find me quickly at Evo if you want the stick.

I’ll take the Arakune poster.

I’m at the airport, so it’s too late for the stuff that I didn’t already sell, sorry.

Had to bump the thread so I can say thanks for the Tager poster. Awesome stuff it is :tup: