Various Newb Questions that aren't in the FAQ

So, I just hacked my Wii and got this game like yesterday, and I really love it. I’m an avid Brawl player, and I really love the technical aspect of this game, I’ve been watching videos and doing research, it seems like the metagame is awesome. There are just some things I don’t understand. Note: I’m using a gamecube controller (if that’s ok…) and I’m playing Roll (and Casshern), she’s pretty fun (although, she may not be the best character in TVC, the Ice Climbers aren’t the best character in smash, but I still kick ass) Here are some of my really newbish questions.

Should I be using the (terrible) d-pad or the control stick? I’ve been using the d pad.

Is it really worth it for me to get the classic controller? at tourneys, how many people use the classic controller in comparison to the GC controller?

If I do use the GC controller, should I mod the control settings in any way?

What does OTG stand for?

How do people do charge moves so fast and consistantly? I mean is it just muscle memory? Like, I see people who play with Roll setting up combos with sweep and I just can’t initiate that quickly, like, about how long do you hold back? Can someone in detail explain that.

And what about blocking, how exactly do you do advanced blocking, and when do you want to do it and not do it?

Whenever I try to practice certain combos I see in FAQs, I can’t tell if I’m doing them right, but I don’t think I am… like if I see :snka:,:snkb:,:snkc:, D+, Roll Sweep Does that mean that I don’t crouch, or is it just implied or what?

Are there any video FAQs anywhere? Because, I have no idea what these combos are suppose to look like, or if I’m doing them even remotely correct.

And I know I’m going to sound so stupid for saying this, but any tips on beating the boss in arcade mode?

Is there like a legit tier list so far?

What’s the best and fastest way to learn combos, and get better (assuming, I have no one [good] to play with)?

I could ask a ton more questions, but I’ve already asked way too many I’m sure.

Thank you so much for taking your time answering my questions.

Here’s a site with all the characters and stuff.

For about 70% of your questions, look at this page.

The rest of your questions: It doesn’t matter what kind of controller you use or configuration you use as long as you are comfortable with it and can pull of everything you need to pull off. The best thing to do would be to get a PS2 stick with a GC converter.

OTG stands for on-the-ground. It’s for techniques that hit people as they have been knocked down. Roll’s Sweep hits opponents as they are lying on the ground. These attacks are unique.

Charge moves just require practice. Know when to hold back. Don’t forget you can charge back from down-back (crouching) or up-back (jumping backwards).

Beating the boss in arcade mode is pretty easy. Just watch his patterns, block, punish, rinse, repeat. Just like a real Mega Man boss!

There is no real tier list. Pretty much every character is usable and every character can win. There are some bad matchups, but no rank. The only exception to this might be Karas. There are some very compatible teams in TvC, Casshern/Roll is one of them, so you are at a good start.

Practice practice practice. That’s really the only way to get better. If you have an arcade with the machine, go there. If you have friends who play invite them over and let them get better too. If you have trouble beating the computer, you need more practice. Just like in Smash, beating a Level 9 computer should be no sweat. The advanced metagame of TvC usually involves infinites and such, but the newest release will remove 99% of them, so stick with it and try not to get frustated.

If you want to play this game seriously, you should probably get a stick. Otherwise go with what feels best for you.

On the ground. It means you hit someone after they’ve been knocked down with an attack like Roll’s sweep or Casshern’s chop. Only certain moves can do this.

You hold back while you’re doing other things. Down/back or up/back work too. If you see a roll player do dash, 2a,2b,2c, sweep, they’re actually holding down back the whole time to accumulate a charge, not holding just down and then trying to charge afterwards.

You hit all 3 attack buttons while you’re in blockstun. It shortens your blockstun and reduces chip damage, so basically use it as much as you can. If you try to use it and you’re not in block stun, though, you’ll get a dash, so don’t just mash it out. Especially use it when you’re trying to escape pressure strings.

D+? Ummm, do combos however you feel like it basically. Mess around with what works. There’s a combo counter to let you know if everything comboed, if it goes back down to 1, then you messed up.

If you want roll stuff, I could direct you to some videos, but nobody’s making BnB combo videos for this game, it’s just not popular enough to warrant that. Watch match videos if you want. I could point you at those too.

Yami is super simple. Block his first attack, then spam your most damaging normal or special moves, when he starts his windup for his next attack, you baroque and block, then do it again. His normals do tiny amounts of chip damage, so you can just repeat this ad nauseum.

Check the tier list thread. I made one a little while back that seemed to be largely agreed upon. There was a Japanese one that we were using before that, but it was really preliminary and kind of wrong.

If you just want to learn combos, training mode is your friend, then go see if you can do them on the fly in arcade. If you want to get better at actually playing the game, you’re going to need to play against someone. Either convince someone to play with you (seriously) or wait for the US version to come out with online play.

Hope it helped.

Awesome, you guys are so helpful, yeah, some videos would be great… or even better, a list of great players I can youtube or something.

One thing I want to know is… because I don’t think I’m reading the combos right… like who would you write out the first 17 seconds of this video


I also want to know how simple that combo is to execute, how long would it take me to learn, and what would be the best way to attack it. I don’t think I want to go pro or anything, I’m trying that with smash, but I want to get good enough, where when i play with my friends casually, I always win. And I could at least hold my head up against you guys even if I lose often.

That combo is pretty simple. First off, make sure you have a charge (qcb+attack) before you do it.

After that you’re making sure to hold your charge while you execute the crouching strikes, and then cancel the down+c into her sweep. The motions would end up looking like this:

:db::snka:, :db::snka:, :db::snkb:, :db::snkc:, :r::snkc:, :snkd:, (start holding :l: again) mash :snkc:, :r::2p:, :dp::2p:

Your most common ways to land that combo would just be off of a dash (sliding forwards with the 2a) or off of an air dash jump C.

All right, ready?

:qcb: :snka: >> :db::snka::db::snka::db::snka::db::snkb::db::snkc::snkd:: -> Roll Sweep (You should be charging during all of the crouching moves).

Then while you are mashing Roll’s attack button to scrub a lot, keep charging during that period as well so you can cancel into Super Sweep.

While Roll is sweeping Ryu with her Super, do :dp::2p: and Casshern should come out with his Brutal Axe Super to finish off the combo.

Or for the people that like numbers

214:p:, 1:snka:, 1:snka:, 1:snka:, 1:snkb:, 1:snkc:, 6:snkc:, P (or some people say :snkd:), start holding 4, mash :snkc:, 6:2p:, 623:2p:

Yeah I figured since he’s a smash player, he probably wouldn’t know the numbers. However Hypnotist, you might want to get used to them. And guys, you can’t call the assist while holding back. You’ve gotta hit P after the first sweep, but before you charge the turbo sweep.

Oh right, that’d make you switch characters, how could I forget? I’ll fix it.

You want the first 17 secoind of the video, right? If so then is something like this :

:qcb: or :qcf: (depending on your position) + Any Attack button, :d: + :snka:, :snkb:, :snkc:, then before you do Roll sweep, call Casshern’s assit (:snkd:), :l: then tap :r: (or on contrary depending in your position, hold d+back while hitting your opponent with :snka:,:snkb:, :snkc:) + Any attack button (:snkc: is the most powerful and longer version of Roll sweep, but it has more startup time), :snkc: you press :l: then tap :r: + two attacks button to active Turbo Rol sweep, :dp: + two attacks button while doing Turbo Rool sweep will DHC into Casshern’s special.

Therefore, it goes like this :

:qcb: + :p: >> :db: + :snka:, :db: + :snkb:, :db: + :snkc:, :snkd:, :l: - :r: + :snkc:, then mash :snkc: for a while, :l: - :r: + :p::p:, :dp: + :p::p:

Unless you magically crossup a couple times here, this is wrong. Please Hypnotist, look at my writeup and ignore all the wrong ones that come since. I am a Roll player, trust me.

Haha yeah, I notice that I wrote wrong the arrows immediately after posted the message, sorry Hypnotist If confused you, I’m not used to write combos with emoticons. Oh, what kind of Roll player could I be if I’m doing these mistakes everytime.

Lol, I’m a little confused, which one is right, and about how long should it take me to learn this? What do the numbers mean, and where can I learn more about them?

Also, in general about TvC, like, is it possible to camp in this game, or not really, is it like an all out attack game, or do you want to keep distance, what’s the general way people play in the metagame, and what’s the general strategy I want to play with me team?

Just for clarification… red A is y on the GC controller, or weak punch right, yellow B is a on the GC controller and green C is x on the GC contoller, right? What does the double punch image turn into on the GC controller?

Should I change the controller config setup?

Also, how long do you think it will take for me to learn the basic aspects of the technical game? I mean, like how long it will take for me to Baroque and Mega Crush and all that stuff at the right times where it’s like second nature.

Yourmother can you tell me some general information about roll.

Again thank you for everyone being so helpful.

:2p:=any 2 attack buttons at the same time

Something you should understand is the general flow of combos, since they’re very different to Smash’s link-heavy combos.

The very basic combo flow for most characters goes like this:

5A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 3C, jump follow the launch, 5A, 5B, air jump, 5A, 5B, 5C/super/special

now of course, this is different for every character, because some characters can’t combo this way (for example, Polymar can’t launch after doing 2C) but the general idea is that you start with weak attacks and then combo into strong attacks into launcher.

also, some characters can use special moves to extend their combos. Take Ryu for example. Ryu can do 5A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C…and he could launch with 3C now, but rather than that, he should instead do 421B, which will send the opponent flying into a wall bounce. Ryu can then dash up to them and do a few more hits before launching, though the timing may be stricter since you have to catch them before they hit the ground.

On top of this, you have two ways to further extend your combos. If your partner has the right kind of assist, you could do 5A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, ASSIST and then quickly repeat the combo while the opponent is still stunned!

The other way to extend combos is Baroque. Baroque will cancel whatever state you’re in and return you to neutral. This means that by using both baroque and assist, you can do the same combo 3 times in a string under most normal circumstances.

As for the numbers, think of it this way:

5A = jab

2A = d-tilt

6A = F-tilt


Basically, the numbers correspond to a direction. The direction is the same that you’ll find on your computer’s arrow keys. So therefore 6 will be -->.


think of it as a D-pad with 7,9,1 and 3 being diagonals.

you get it now?

I’ll help you out boss. Let’s see:

Mine is right and so is yourmother (I didn’t look at anyone else’s). As for the numbers you are curious about, they refer to directions on a joystick. It looks like this:

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

So a 236+A is Ryu’s Hadouken, one of the most well-known moves in fighting games.

As for your second question, it is quite possible to play runaway games and it is also possible to have an all-out offense. Piece of cake either way. Since you can block in the air and Super Jump, it’s not too hard to avoid combat for a while. With your team, though, you have the offensive juggernaut Casshern and the more passive Roll. If you’re playing with Casshern, you should be more of an in-your-face guy, and if you are playing Roll you should camp and counter more since she has low stamina.

As for controller setups, you can set whatever buttons you want to do anything. I don’t know if Brawl does that, but if you are comfortable on a GC controller with B being Weak, A being Medium and Y being Fierce then you can set it up that way in the menu. Whatever way works for you. For a double punch, just hit two buttons at the same time.

As for the basic aspects, that’s all gameplay-experience related. Do you want to save red life so that you can regain it after you switch partners? Or do you want to play a safe game by canceling all your risky moves with Baroque? Do you think that using 2 levels and some of your health is a good trade-off against a potentially damaging combo? It’s all up to you.

Using Roll you don’t want to get caught in a heavy combo. Save levels for the Heal Super, the Roll Super Sweep, and Mega Crashing. She has the second worst stamina in the game but a very high-priority broom. Using Casshern you want to abuse your jumping Fierce attack and your unflinchable knee special move.

Your playstyle should focus on knocking people down constantly. Casshern’s Energy Chop hits on the ground and so does Flying Drill. Roll’s Bucket Splash also hits OTG along with her Sweep and Super Sweep. Constant knockdowns.

I don’t remember having this much trouble when I started learning fighting games… lol :karate:

Interesting, the number thing is interesting… so what controller do you all use? Also, I think I’m getting confused, because seeing A, B, C as the a button the b button and the c stick for smash, so I think once I re write the combos with the actual buttons that correspond for the gamecube controller, or I get used to the stick set up, I’ll pick it up, it’s kinda like a foreign language to me. Anything else you guys wanna tell me?

@nyoronoru: your combo was ALMOST right. Again, you CAN NOT have the stick in any back position and still call an assist.

Hypnotist, it’s really up to you how you want to play, there’s a lot of freedom and room to develop your own playstyle in this game so I’m not going to give you advice on that. As far as combos go, here’s a video I made a while back, sorry it’s got scan lines, but it pretty much contains the most advanced combo tricks you’re going to be able to pull out in your regular BnBs, keep in mind a lot of these can be extended further. These all use casshern assist, but you should be able to at least get some ideas from it no matter who your partner is.


Secondly, if you want a good idea of how to play, look up the videos of GX(Roll/Casshern) on youtube, he recently placed top 8 at SBO, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, so he knows what he’s doing.

A couple tips though, you’re going to have to play safe and smart with Roll. Her main goal is just to land a little poke (2a or j.a), and turn that into a combo. You’ll probably spend a lot of time running around and blocking though. If you hit a turbo sweep on an opponent and they’re in the corner by the end of it, you can combo it into a second, OTG turbo sweep. This is a ton of damage. However, also remember that the OTG turbo sweep is unsafe. So you have to cancel out of it into another super in order for it to be safe.

EDIT: Again, if you’re going to take this game really seriously, you might want to look into a stick. A Wii hori works fine, otherwise some people like PS2 sticks better and there are converters available. A thumbstick or D-Pad can seriously hold back your execution at high levels, not to mention awkward button presses on the right hand. Again though, it’s up to you how seriously you want to take it.

I personally recommend you go and buy yourself a Classic Controller plugin for your wiimote. I find the gamecube controller is kind of iffy.

Now, you’re probably used to using the C-stick for smashes right? You can get similar shortcuts in TvC by mapping your L and R buttons to certain combinations. Personally I like to use the R button for A+B and the L button for A+B+C. This gives you easy access to supers and pushblock at the same time.

B should be your ‘A(weak)’ attack. Y should be ‘B(mid attack)’ and X should be ‘C(strong)’. A should be your assist button. This is the layout that works best for my thumb.

Also, if you’re totally new to fighters you should also understand the concept of high/low blocking. Generally, the safest way you can block is to hold back and down, because low moves can only be blocked low and come out very fast.

Whenever the opponent is in the air, or is using an attack that has overhead properties, you should block high by just holding back. Overhead attacks vary for each character, but they are usually slow and give you some time to see them coming. I’m also sure you’re familliar with the concept of grabs, but grabs in this game are different to smash: they cannot hit you if you’re jumping. So if you think your opponent is trying to grab you, just jump! It works on supers like Alex’s hyper bomb too.

If you want to get good in the game (In a high level play that’s it) you should get a stick, Wii hori stick is fine althought there are other options as well, but you can always play with the GC/Classic controller if you want to.

The control setup is up to you, you can choose whatever way works the best for you. I personally play this game with a stick, But I do have a GC controller too, and I can confirm to you that it does work well for this game as well, so you dont have don’t worry about that at all.

About the how much will take you learn the basics, I think everyone already told you that it all depends on your gamestyle, the time that you are going to spend training is relevant as well. The game has a lot of things that are there for be learned and mixed to make personal strategies.

Although you have to remember that Roll isn’t a girl who plays in a aggresive way, you need to play smart and safely as yourmother said, jump and air dash around the screen waiting for a moment where you can do a good poke to begin a combo that once the opponent is on the ground, you will enjoy seeing Roll cleaning their damned souls. Also, you can use casshern’s assist to make your “Roll power up!” move safe as well, of course, only if the situation is the correct for it.

I think Hypnotists has all the information that he needs to play this game correctly so far, now is all up to him to make his own gamestyle.

And you know, Is really good to see a new person trying to give more attention to Roll, in fact, I’m happy that she has got a lot of attention that she already had because of this game, she really deserves it, given her great change in this game in comparison of MvC2.

And also because she is too :3