Various questions from a new Juri player

Hi all,

I got SFIVae a few weeks ago, and just last week i decided to focus on Juri. I’ve been a KoF player for a long time, and her similarities to Kim sold me on her (I’ve also been messing with Adon, thanks to reminding me of Joe).

Anyways, i spent a good chunk of time, this past weekend, playing online… loosing a lot… reading guides and watching vids. I now have some questions.

  1. Wake ups: I seem to be pretty bad with wake-ups. Aside from EX Pinwheel and the occasional Ultra 2; i have a terrible habit of getting annihilated on my wake-up. Any tips?

  2. Cross-ups: It might just be my nooby-ness, but i get mad confused when i get crossed up. Other than just “get better” are there any Juri tips to deal with cross-ups?

  3. Fireball storage: from what i’ve seen, it looks like the low fireball is most commonly stored. Is that true, or not? I seem to store the anti-air fireball the most, because my anti air game (cr.MP and cr.HP) is still weak. It there a general storage “priority list”?

  4. Counter move: I seem to use her counter (Kasatushi(SP?)) a LOT. Especially to close in on fireball spammy online matches. However, i RARELY see the “pros” use it on the vids i’ve seen. Should i nix this habit now, or continue since it seems to be working?

Thanks! I’m really digging her so far, and any help would be much appreciated!

First tip on playing Juri, learn patience. After that, have more patience.

Like most of the cast, Juri has a weak wakeup game. Ex-Pinwheel works sometimes but is very punishable. If you are going to use it, try to have 3 bars to make it semi-safe. Focus > backdash is sometimes good, but your best bet on wake up is to just block.

As for cross ups, that’s something you’ll need to go into the lab and learn.

Lk/Mk are used the most. Hk, is really only used against characters you really need to zone (Gief/THawk/Rufus/Honda/etc)

Counter Move: Good against full screen fireballs. It’s ok to use once in a while, but don’t develop your game around it as it is very punishable/baitable.

Juri’s strengths are in her Anti-Airs and corner pressure. I believe learning her Anti-airs are most important (cr.strong/st.forward/cr.fierce). Each have it’s specific uses/spacing.

Relax on the Jump-ins/random dive kicks and develop a solid ground game/anti airs.

There’s a plethora of juri tech on this forum from others (Genkibot/LionJak/Kail/etc).

Learn the fundamentals before diving into tech.

Thank you! I really appreciate the tips.

You’re 100% right in the patience game. When i get all flustered, i get sloppy and i get rocked. When i have the patience, i tend to do much better.

Easy to say, tough to put in to play… practice, practice!

For wakeup, if the other guy is wise about avoiding/baiting EX pinwheel, you’re better off just blocking.

For the fireball, the hk/upwards version is also a good store for long range antiair purposes.


I apologize, i’m still learning the lingo… but it seems i’m having issues with players that “vortex” (mainly Akumas), so that when i do wake up… even if i block, i’m blocking the wrong direction and/or height. :confused:

Vortexes suck no doubt, we’ll see if they do something about them in the next update.

thanks, do you have link for fundamentals?.