Various questions


what’s a meaty?
what’s a counter and a crush counter?
what moves and what character are good for practicing cancels?
where do I find bnbs?
how do you do charge combos? it takes so long to charge.
what’s a meaty?
What does the solid arrow between moves mean in the commands menu?
when is the right time to do a wake up? right before you’re standing?
I play mika

  1. A lot of general SF vocabulary can be found in the glossary sticky thread:
    The SRK Glossary - WIP
  1. A counter hit is when you hit someone during the start up frames of most moves. A crush counter is a SFV-specific thing. If you hit someone during start up (or recovery of certain moves, like dragon punches) with certain normals (generally HP/HK), you’ll get a crush counter. That ought to give you another free hit, if you’re prepared for it.

  2. Most character’s bnbs involve a cancel of some sort. Any are good for practicing.

  3. Check the SFV character sub forums. Most characters have bnb threads.

  4. You can generally charge when you’re doing other things. For example, while jumping forward, if you immediately hold the stick back after you jump, you can charge back while moving forward. When playing a charge character, you have to be in the habit of always charging (generally).

  5. see 1

  6. not sure what you mean

  7. I think the reversal window in SFV is 3 frames. I could be mistaken.


a) When you land a move towards the end of it’s active frames
b) A counter is when your attack hits your opponent during the start up of one of his attacks. Crush Counter is basically the same, except your opponent reels a little longer and you have to use your characters Crush Counter button (HP or HK or a command normal). You can also CC them off a whiffed or blocked reversal, like a Shoryuken
c) Any character…although Zangief probably has the least variety
d) SRK, Youtube, a bunch of other places on the internet
e) Hold your charge while you’re doing the other moves
f) When you land a move towards the end of it’s active frames
g) Not sure what you mean. I assume you’re talking about the triangles. It means it’s a target combo or that the moves cancel into each other.
h) Pretty much. But you should only do this sparingly. If you guess wrong or mistime it, you will pay for it.