Various SFII Champion Edition Hacks- Cool!

For the longest time i just did not bother with the hacks of champion edition for some reason,but deceided to finally check them out recently. Those are cool!

As far as i know there is: Rainbow,Red Wave,Yellow Label/YYC and Koryu hacks.

My favorite one that has the neat improvements while not being too over the top is Red Wave(I think). Being able to pull off moves instantly like guiles flash kick without chargeing,and even being able to do it in the air just as easily is cool. Also pressing start button and changeing to any character during the match is neat. Also “homing” projectiles.

The most over the top hack is the crazy KORYU. Where when Ken or Ryu does a dragon punch,it litters the air with fireballs. You can also do slow motion fireballs which is really cheap,as you can litter the screen with them and the opponent will run into to them no matter what. The cheap AI seems to take advantage of this.

Also in some games its like the characters can practically “SW-Force throw” you.Meaning you can be across the screen from a character, and they can do the throw animation and you’ll take damage.Especially annoying with zangiefs piledriver,which you do not seem to be able to escape even if your character is in the air. weird stuff but cool :smile:

Yeah, I would believe the hacks would be cool for scrubs like you who would get pwned in the real thing…

LOL.Not sure how to respond to a silly post like that.You claim i am a scrub and no good at the normal games but your a complete stranger and do not even know me.No sir,does not compute.

Actually its your ass that is the scrub. I would so OWN you in SFII Turbo,its not even funny :smile:

dude, u just had to post that second paragraph did u?

At first u had a point, and now you have put your foot in your mouth. good day to u sir.

omg finally someone talking about the Hacked ST’s yo where do you find them they don’t make em for system i used to play them on the arcade they were too hot.

any good rom site will have them

and Super Warrior, we should play sometime. See how good you really are. :slight_smile:

gief that shit down! :karate:


presses opponent’s Start button to randomly change his character

Damn, stand down, FB, it ain’t THAT serious! o_o;

If I ever figure out MUGEN, it would be interesting to make Koryu Ryu, Ken, and Sagat.


Edit: LOL, broken Sagat combo:

Deep Jump In Roundhouse (or Fierce) - S.Short (2 Hits) - Fierce “Tiger Flame”

Either it kills them or it dazes them.

I know. I’d rather play the real game than any of the hacks tho.

This hurts my brain.


Off-topic: has anyone consistently beaten fatherbrain in zBattle yet? I remember him doing SPDs on me with the keyboard (as well as Dhalsim’s instant-dizzy combos) when I played him a long time ago.

I played a few matches with him before (probably about a year ago), but I had a shitty pad and some lag. I don’t remember the record though.