Various TE sticks and other stuff for sale


360 Femme Fatale TE Stick - New Open Box

Open but never used.


360 Comic-Con TE Stick - New

Never used, but no seal on box (these didn’t come with seals)


360 Asia TE Stick

Never used, but no seal on box (these didn’t come with seals). Bought from Play-Asia.

$160 (Retails for $150, but shipping was $$$)

SF Anniversary Stick - Wired for 360

Mint condition case, plexi has some signs of use but still looks great. Has good old Happ Competition stick and buttons. LB, LT, and Back button are not wired.


All prices include shipping. PM if interested. Open to offers but pretty firm on pricing.


Kinda intersted in the sdcc. Are you looking to trade anything?


The only items I am in the market for right now are a DSi, PSP Go, or slim PS3. Not straight up trades of course.


New items added. Pics will be up soon.


Are these prices shipped?


As long as you are in the US, yes the prices include shipping.


The asia TE stick white or black sorry, could you give a link. Thanks man.



hold the harp ex pro for me waiting on pics


It’s the all white version. Pics are up for everything except the HRAP. I’ll try to get that up tomorrow.


yo ibeatu i bought that stick lol j/k


Regular TE stick sold!


#2 if ibeatu decides not to purchase HRAP EX =)



Hey man, I decided not to get the TE, did some budgeting and realized I can’t get another stick now, my parents would kill me. ;-;

Thanks for holding it and keeping me posted, though, great communication. :smiley:


No problem :tup:


lol u beat me lol


please pm the price shipping to canada, hamilton. thanks


PM replied.


HRAP sold.


Is this plexi 6 button or 8 button?


It’s neither, it’s actually 7 :xeye: