Varying player skill levels

I’m sure similar posts have been made before but something is niggling at me I felt the urge to post.

I often play PC and PS3 versions of the game. My PS3 pp is 2700 with ken. My PC pp is 1500 with the same character. What this points out is that PC players are a lot more skilled and of a higher standard than the average PS3 player.
Does anyone else find this the case? I’m regularly getting beaten badly on PC and really making me rage whereas the other version I’m doing much better.

Does anyone else understand?

PP means nothing.

I failed to anti-air about 70% of jump ins today (grinding + salt = lol) and I still have around 3,100PP on 360 (somehow…). I played a couple of players with 3,500 that would continually try to jump out of a knockdown state. Just about everybody I played with 4,000+ tried to mash through any frame traps and back dash half the time on a knock down.

I’ve yet to play anyone good on PC and haven’t played online with a PS3, but the average player seems to have about 1,500 - 2,000 on 360 for reference.

…this does has been discussed before, just not in such a round about way.