Vast Mineral Deposits Found in Afghan


Well it looks like Afghan is gonna be big banking in the future.

Afghan = Indigenous person of Afghanistan.

i thought it was Afghanistani

I wish my body was full of minerals…

That’s just wrong, but just so right.

the map that they are talking about was actually done in 2007, they are just now bringing it up because public opinion of the afghan war is so low.

I already knew about this too, but I didn’t want to go.

I ain’t sayin he a gold digger…

ya i dont think using “Afghan” makes much sense in the title or the way you use it

its like saying “American fighting war on terror!”

That’s one valuable dog.


but seriously, “Afghan” can be used as an adjective for something related to afghanistan. look shit up, so you know wtf you’re talking about before trying to correct people. the OP prob got cut off from the title limit (there is one, right?)

The better question here is what is the Pentagon doing in the middle of a war going on a geological survey looking for minerals…

reading FAIL! the survey was not done by the pentagon, they just took someone else’s survey and tacked a dollar amount onto it.

No, it really does mean someone from Afghanistan. It also means knitted blanket, but *you *should look shit up before trying to correct me.

Hopefully looking for a way to make money out of that hell hole. God knows this country needs it.

I have never in my life heard of a knitted blanket referred to as “Afghan”.

But from my experience, people from Afghanistan, are called “Afghans”. This has held true in the English language, as well as the Farsi language.

source: I’m Afghan.

More on the subject, the mountains of Afghanistan are very unforgiving, it will not be an easy or cheap job extracting said minerals.

Any vespene gas in there by any chance?

afghan’s are the kind of blanket that is literally just like the thread is woven together (large threads) to where you can stick your fingers through the blanket anywhere…


sidenote: we’ve had this ground-penetrating radar (necessary for detecting mineral deposits from air) for at least 10 yrs. i guess the US had more to gain in afganistan than the world’s heroin trade (huge money in itself) after all.

Yeah, just like we went into Iraq for the oil!

Oh, wait…