VBO @ vid 94 in west covina tonight at 930pm

VBO tonight at vid 94 at around 930, show up around 9 so i can set it up.

had a great weekend at WCW, and since im backkkk, VBOS are back. =)

I’m in!! Or try!!

Is it singles or 3v3. how much is entry fee? I went to vid 94 earlier and no one knew what i was talking about.

whether it being singles or 3vs3 will be dependent on how many people are there tonight. haha i should be there around now ish.

3v3 please :] ill be there with 2 other people.

wtf…i just saw this right now

930 or 10 starting time so we can end by midnight hopefully

good games~ team tournaments are too fun.

dammit markayyyyy!
too short notice i wouldve came down to play!!!

The Keno Concept Matches

What do you know about double OCV <3 ~ !

fuck you vic :sad: