VBO vid 94 results!


had a blast running this impromptu event guys. vid94 vbo’s are back again! 3v3 team results:

1st place: team 'we takin yo lunch money’
kai - fuerte
ironfist - sagat
amuseme - rog

2nd: team 'gay parade’
fuson - guile
tatsu - vega
shglbmx - blanka

3rd place: team 'myk reverse ocv ftw’
myk - ryu
legend of lore - blanka
marcus - chun li

4th place: team 'nascar’
nasir - ryu
elvis - sagat
tekken guy - chun li?

5th place: team 'thanks for the invite’
moval - ryu
monica - ryu
dragonite - honda

5th place: team 'one eyed habibs’
anna - sim / sagat
sherry - sim / sagat
ricstah - sim / sagat
warren - sim / sagat

1st place winner take all took home a whopping $39.00, aka kai’s lunch money for the week.

random highlights:

  • sherry with sagat ultra ftw against tekken guy.

  • random black guy, aka rog, aka amuse me ocv’s team ‘thanks for the invite’ sending them to the losers.

-team ‘myk reverse ocv ftw’ reverse ocv’s team ‘gay parade’ sending them to the losers.

  • fuson ocving/eliminating team ‘thanks for the invite’, team ‘nascar’, team ‘myk reverse ocv ftw’

  • shglbmx choking against team ‘we takin yo lunch money’- ‘fucking shgl didnt deliver when we needed him. he just did random shit again.’ - fuson

till next time guys!!


Vbo vbo vbo vbo vbo!!


as tatsu would say?

stay gold, ponyboy


tatsu is the tragic hero!


wake up ultra ftw.

get em every time ;]


hit em with that 'bow ball


my life is a spiraling ball of pain and sorrow and darkness


next time our team is going all zangief.


hey i was tekken guy…ggs i might play more because of this


Can I haz vbo too plz. Free agent here, anyone need a scrub honda? lol
I can play a little sagat too. :slight_smile:




You and your outrageous Sagat Ultras.


as long as it hits! thats all that matters xD