[VCU] Valiant Cinematic Universe | Ninjak comes to wreck down the house


Marvel and DC, here comes a new challenger!!

**Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe (2017) (Webseries)
Harbinger (2017)
Bloodshot (2018)
Harbinger Wars (2019)

Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe

Looks still webseries-y, but also quite loyal to the comics. Stunts seem cool. I think it could be a compelling show :smiley:


Huh… so we’re about to reach COMPLETE GLOBAL SATURATION™ on superhero live-action stuff.

Seriously, though, it’s cool to see the Valiant Universe get some mainstream shine… Holla at me when bootleg Iron Man, er, X-O Manowar gets his own series.


At least looks like they’re confident with the superhero genre, it’s going to be over the top and it’s 6 episodes so I expect lots of SFX in each episode.

And dat costume looks straight from a Mortal Kombat video game. Which is cool as fuck B|


I fucks with bloodshot.


Bloodshot footage:


Was that friggin’ John Morrison? Johnny Nitro?


Oh shit that’s JDF as Bloodshot!


Oh shit! The Greatest Ranger of all… It’s really him.



When’s Turok?


Hopefully soon… and let JDF play him too.


I doubt valiant will dethrone Mavrel, everything so far looks like TV/b movie quality


I don’t think Valiant’s purpose is to dethrone Marvel. They’re not that stupid to think they can.

But their adaptations could be good in their own way.

After seeing Ninjak’s trailer I didn’t like that it looked like they were going the “junk food superhero” route, but apparently there’s more than that. If they nail a particular style and the audience respond, they could actually build their own trustworthy multimedia brand.


Assuming they nail a certain style.
Like how the Hercules and Xena shows has a cheesiness to them yet still be stylized to make that cheesy appealing. I also hold the casting of Jason David Frank against them instead if for them. He is good what he does, but it always be associated with a certain kids show to me.


There must be at least one superhero market hole they could be filling, maybe not as an “AAA Entertainment” product, but as a nice side-dish. As for now, they seem to be an action-packed, R-Rated, kind-of-cheesy-kind-of-mature oriented (you know, like modern comic books), better-than-TV budget, intensive, CW Arrowverse-like short webseries.
Sounds like a deal to me; something you can watch in four to six hours in a weekend and leave with a good taste and some promises of continuity.

As a 30yo busy guy who’s also a big comic book fan, I’ve been dodging superhero TV series like the Arrowverse because

  1. they’re just a huge investment in time (and probably plot memory). Storylines will very likely drag on a lot.
  2. I don’t like the soap operish/teenage girl oriented/audience-encompassing tone.
  3. I think the special effects could be improved so much.
    But I’m for sure going to watch the fuck out of Ninjak. It doesn’t seem to present any of those three problems. It looks like a show very well streamlined to guys like me.

Yeah. I admit, the Ninjak trailer alone there were some parts that looked really cheesy, specially those with Bloodshot and Armstrong. But after seeing the leaked Bloodshot footage, it doesn’t look that cheesy at all. I hope they really nail a good style, because analyzing the trailers and test footage, they really have a good chance there.


I’ll give it a shot because Valiant has some cool characters I’d like to see in live-action.

I am worried about the budget making some of this stuff look cheesy as fuck though.


wtf is a ninjak. And what happened to mr sinister’s forehead diamond?


Are they doing Colin King or Denny Meachum version of Ninjak?


Colin King.


Ninjak was only cool when he wasn’t fake batman. Like do we really REALLY need another rich white guy fights crime and is best at everything because he is rich and white XD.

Gimme cheesy video game powered Ninjak anyday. I need to jump back on that new Bloodshot.

Edit: saving grace of this movie is that it has all the other characters so they can take you away from how lame Colin King is.