VDon's Birthday Tourney @ Starbase 9/15 9:30pm

Come celebrate my 28th birthday by coming to Starbase, getting drunk (or watching me get drunk), then getting BODIED!

What: SSF4 Singles Double Elimination 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, 3/5 winners, losers and grand finals.

When: Wednesday Sept 15th. Registration and casuals at 8pm. Tourney starts at 9:30pm. Estimated duration of the tourney is 3 and a half hours and should be over by 1am.

Where: Starbase Arcade. 1545 4th St. San Rafael

Cost to Enter: $10 to enter. $5 to the pot, $5 to the venue. 70/20/10 split.

Rules:: You may change characters only upon loss of your first match. You may change ultra win or lose, however, if you won your last match and wish to change ultra you must do so BEFORE your opponent has selected their character.

Setups: 8 setups. All XBox 360. Bring your own controller. 4 setups will be dedicated to tournament play. 4 others will be for casuals/warmups.

Stream: Stream will be done @ iPLAYWINNER TV on USTREAM: iPlayWinner broadcasts Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, BlazBlue and more from NorCal and beyond…

Whose up for some pre tourneys liters at the broken drum beforehand? Jay after 3 liters of Whamber is classic…

lol @ calling Hooman for a cab ride home 4 blocks away from my apartment

PS - I’m down

Im there!

yet again these co-workers of mine bailed out again…stupid fucks

Hmm I haven’t gone to the starbase yet I’m always at shadowbrookes but think this time Ill show up ( Honestly I’m probably going to bring beer just to give to people even though I am underage I take it if all you guys are fucken hammered I may actually win = ) )

Underage + alcohol is something I’d rather not deal with. Just leave it at home bud =P

PS - Even if everyone was hammered you’d still have no chance =P

No alcohol for me Im a good boy HAHA and shoot if everyone’s hammered Ill at least win a few matches…hopefully…

Yeah, but having it in your possession while being around us is enough to get us in some shit. Leave it at home plz =)

Yeah your right… DAM I need to be 21 already… Does starbae have Initial D? Preferred version 3 = )

No =\

DAM … The only initial D I know of is at Q zar and thats not to far but all Q zar has is that game, MVC2, some wierd computer cab with hella games like 3S and XM vs SF but it crashes I think sometimes and They have DDr. ANy plans on getting Initial D there that you know of ? ( again version 3 lol )

Sept.15th is MY BDAY mF

You should totally come to Starbase and get wasted with me then yo!

I’m gonna try hard to make it to this.

Sweet! A close friend I work with was able to switch with me si I’m definitely coming again this Wednesday :smiley:

Sick. It’s not the FChamp tourney, but please kill Ryan anyways.

who wants to get bodied!

Broken drum @ 6 pm for some pre tourney Vdon B-day liters. Whose down?

Count me in lol.