Vector AV requests here!

Vector is teh ownage.
HG142 is back baby.


Oh yeah, try to give me a/some picture(s) to work with, but not totally necessary.

Oro non premium

TRT: lmao @ your avatar.

sup, HG.

i dont have a actuall av request but i would like to see some of your vector work. that particular style of art is one of favorites. ay, is it possible that you could do av example out of this pic:<<<it’s a thumbnail.

flip it, son.

Alright, I gotcha.

Sounds like fun, I’ll give something a try.

make oro hobo-smurf color btw (lightkick)

hobo smurf, so is that like, a dirty blue? i’m not too confident in my 3rd Strike knowledge.

beck that sticky resource thread, last post for a palette database

i think he ment this:

dope. thanks for the reference shatter.