Vector Hitbox and SEGA layout template


Ive been playing around with vectoring the hitbox and sega player 1 layout to be laser cut for my Super Megalo 2.

Would love some input or proofing before i go for the final cut.

Feel free to use and modify these files as you wish.


Newest vector files. All properly aligned.

Does anyone have a Hitbox layout template?

Same files, hosted elsewhere:


Thanks man


Well I know its digging up an old thread but it turns out the hitbox plans I was working off were wrong.

I’ve since edited and finalised both the Sega Megalo2 and Hitbox panels.

The Hitbox one isn’t to the mm perfect, rather its perfect to the art templates getting around.
Checking the measurements on those and knowing how standard measurements work in mass production I highly doubt the artwork templates are correct, but I also doubt it would make much of a difference. Were talking .2mm most

Here’s the vector files, I have the button holes grouped to make things easier if you don’t want to use the Megalo2 cp.


Why is the Sega megalo 2 so off center? Is that how the original panel is?


Yeah that’s pretty much where everything goes stock.
Might be because they only came with 6 buttons and I added the pinky ones.

Heres a pic of the original panel overlayed (Disregard all the random holes from years of “learning”)

I changed the joystick to a 24mm hole as the JLF and most other sticks are smaller now, and it will help stop the dust washers from catching.