Vector-ing Images

So, a wise man once said:

So I’ve read tutorials on “vector-ing” images (like the one at Arcade Art Library) and for some reason, I cannot get the hang of this to save my life.

The idea is to take simple arcade art, (like the Felicia in my avatar) and make it scale-able for use on higher-res arcade panels/cabinets, etc.

So I guess I’m looking for help, or for help. In other words, someone to teach me how to do it, or someone to do it for me (for possibly a nominal fee/satisfaction of doing something awesome). I’m a complete novice at Illustrator/Adobe products in general.

Anyone know of good videos for this type of task specifically that are easy to understand? Otherwise anyone want to take on a few projects for my upcoming stick?

Digital-Tutors - “Creating Photo Inspired Vector Artwork in Illustrator”

Try Inkscape - much easier than Illustrator and will be good enough for stick arts. If you still need help, send me a PM.

Edit: Forgot to say that it is free.

I’ll definitely check it out when I get home. You may be getting that PM!

I’m no master at this but I found it fairly easy to just zoom in to like 1600% zoom and trace the image onto a new layer. I’m normally a clutz at that type of thing.

That’s actually a pretty fantastic idea… seems like a “duh” thing, but damn if I didn’t think of it. Sounds like it might take forever and a day though… thanks for the protip!