Vega AE Updates preview



Doing a rough (very rough) translation of the ssf4 blog. My japanese is ass but here’s what i was able to translate. I’m sure the real traslation will come tomorrow or so.

cMK is 6 frame startup now

Crouching punches and kicks have lower damage (not sure but looks like cMP and cMK)

EX RCF has faster start up time and can be combo’d into now. Regular versions the same.

U2 is either slower or delayed I frames… hard to tell which.

Backdash weakened, dash and backflips not changed.

He still has no reliable AA but player skill is supposed to make up for it. They changed him this way to make him more powerful on the ground.

we’ll see how accurate my jp is soon.

btw if someone has better jp than me (lookin at sasaki) here’s the link


IPlayWinner listed the changes as well courtesy of USD from Gaf, you were pretty close:

  • cr.MK start up is now 6 frames (2 frames faster)
  • Less damage on cr.MP and cr.MK

Unique Attacks

  • More recovery for Cosmic Heel on block


  • Less recovery on EX roll
  • You can now combo cr.MP from EX roll


  • U2 has slightly more startup


  • Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end

Not sure how I feel about our and being damage nerfed (ESPECIALLY but startup time on is welcome and so are the combo possibilities stemming from the ex rcf now. Cosmic Heel getting a recovery nerf hurts though :frowning: These are like those evil genie wishes!! Also I thought EX Scarlet was supposed to be getting a buff from what they said in the past, I wonder if that’s still in or if this is it.


Ok 6 frame cr mk is badass (true blockstring from jump ins now?).

But jesus christ more recovery on Cosmic Heel? That fucks Vega royally. Harder to frame trap with CH and smaller window for OS teching, man that blows.

U2 startup is a big punch in the dick too, that thing was just perfectly useful for punishing jumpins while still being relatively easy to safejump. Now it just got worse for wakeup AA and punishing shit, not to mention juggling a CH into SC becomes even harder than it was (I’d wager impossible from max range on grounded opponent now, not that that was that useful anyway).

“- You can now combo cr.MP from EX roll”

Is this supposed to say “you can now combo EX roll from cr MP”? I don’t know why they’d let you stick a cr mp onto the end of ex roll.

Overall with the cr mp/mk damage and a backdash nerf, this is disappointing for real. I wish they’d left him alone. If the EX ST as a legit reversal rumor becomes a reality then I might change my tune, but no metion of that?

  1. CrMK is 6 frames (as opposed to 8 frames), and will be easier to use.

  2. CrMP and CrHK will have some damage reduction.

  3. I believe it is saying that Cosmic Heel will have more recovery frames, stating that you won’t be able to wildly throw it out anymore?

  4. Less recovery frames on EX RCF?

  5. EX RCF into Cr.MP will combo now, leaving room for new strategies.

  6. No change on all other RCF moves

  7. Start-up frames for Splendid Claw is a little slower.

  8. Front Dash, and KKK Backflip is unchanged? (Whatever they refer to as “Backslash”)

  9. Can’t figure out what they are saying about Backdash, but they mention that the speed of it will remain the same.

And yes, nothing has changed as far as his air game. They go on explaining that his ground game has solidified even more, and to utilize that.

Edit: I guess you are mid-air after the invincibility part of your back dash. Thanks Skerj


You can combo a cr MP after a EX roll. That is what it says. They are trying to give that move more viable options and more reasons to use that shit! I’d be happy. Technically, you could EX RCF under a hadouken, Cr mp into EX FBA for amazing damage.

No mention at all of ST changes.

Again, don’t expect ST changes. They want his ground game to solidify.

We got some unexpected changes, but I think we can really utilize these.


“STOP!” Fking with Vega! PERIOD!


Backslash is the proper name for his back flips for some reason.

As for these changes? I am pleased.


yeah no i frames on ST

he’s just too strong.


Ok that’s kind of cool about ex rcf, nice to punish projectiles even harder with that. But still I’d rather not have the other stuff tweaked and not have the ex rcf change lol. I mean they talk about solidifying ground game, but they nerf possibly his best tools for that, Cosmic Heel and cr mp, and the only improvement is quicker cr mk WITH the trade-off of less damage on it.

I already mentioned that the cr mk change is awesome, but it’s at a seemingly high price. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


yeah… Juri got mad buffs… i think i’ma start working on alts. Gief and Juri


If CH is slow enough to get punished by DPs and jabs, my offensive game will die out completely. I might as well drop Vega if it’s that bad. If not, I’m content.
Blowing through a fireball with ex rcf and ending it with great damage and an untechable knockdown? Or just going j.hp, cl.hp xx ex rcf, xx ex fba (lol, see you in the corner) - seriously, who else gets that good damage and positioning for 2 bars?
Also, as Duey said, true blockstring with from a jump? Fuck yes. That alone totally justifies the damage nerfs, imo. Well, I guess that’s hard to say, since we haven’t seen just how nerfed the damage have gotten, but I doubt it’ll totally fuck us over.
Slower startup on U2 really sucks balls, though. Wasn’t it easy enough to safe jump already? Educated guess: Capcom wanted to limit it as a fireball punisher, in order to make U1 seem more useful… or something. Fuck that. Weakened backdash(?) will hurt alot, too.


I think a well-positioned CH might be safe. I think they just want to prevent people from spamming CH without getting punished.

I think it is a fair trade off.

I don’t think Vega will fall down the tier chain because of this.


Another thing to think about with the cr mk change:

Right now cr mk, cr mp, ex fba with no prior charge is extremely tight timing. If cr mk hits slightly earlier now, it’s feasible that we won’t have enough time to charge the ex fba after the cr mp. Yeah it’s just 2 frames but I don’t know, I already have some trouble doing this off a truly spontaneous cr mk.


in this game compared to bison’s crlk*3 lk scissor, i would say that the timing is pretty im guessing it should still be possible.

anyways, weakened back dash+ass cosmic heel=fucked vega.

shows how the fucking doods at capcom working with their ass qa testers thought that nerfing the area where vega is SUPPOSED to be good at is a worthy trade of for giving him a couple of combos. how the hell are combos supposed to help me out when im using a character like claw?

next im half expecting capcom to increase the startup frame of a couple of dhalsim normals and give him a 6 hit combo to balance it out LOL.


Forgive me for being retarded, but could anyone walk me through this whole “Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end”-thing? What does this mean, exactly?


Still not completely sure what to make of this.

I do like the fact that’s startup is quicker, but like he said the, cr.mpxxexfba was already a pretty tight combo and this doesn’t seem to really help that. The cosmic heel nerf is pretty painful, does that mean it won’t be comboable anymore? I like the quicker startup on exrcf but how much quicker is it? like lp. quick? O.O if that becomes a fireball punisher then it looks like Vega’s gonna be a pretty good pressure character. He was already OK, but i think that buff really helps…

Like I said…idk what to make of this yet >_< Still trying to get over the CH nerf ahhhhhhhh


I’m guessing it means that Vega is considered airborne the moment after the invincible frames of his backdash end, i.e., you will do an air reset if hit during this moment. I kind of thought this was how it already worked currently, but maybe there was an exception.


it means you can be hit by zangiefs u2(he can option select u2 on jump in to catch your backdash) or other air throws and moves in general. you can take chuns backdash as an example.


So, what the fuck am i supposed to do now? My damage comes from - link combo. with or with out EX FBA. And the upside to this is I can now use EX RCF, which isnt even worth the meter or leave you in a much better position? And the CH, yeah i dont mind it at first, but after 1 second of fucking thought it means that you are no longer +3 after a perfectly spaced CH. No more frame traps, because the risk wont be worth it. Isnt that supposedly Vega’s best mix up to, and it isnt even omfgwtfbbq tier? What the fuck, I think my playstyle is down the drain. Capcom is craptastic, and Ono can suck me all day. I hope he doesnt make Darkstalkers.


if they wanted to make him a better pressure character they would have buffed all RCF, not just EX. Using meter to pressure? Ok Capcom go fuck Rufus. Guess ill use Yang all day now.


It already was, Capcom is just spoon feeding you regurgitated material that was there from day one. Remember when they said,

btw Scarlett Terror is now grab invulnerable.

Im rather irritated, just as i was getting good with somebody.


The changes to c.h seem way too harsh, I’m curious what parts of the changes they are omitting from the full list to justify these changes. To be honest, I doubt they will merit the changes, but we’ll see. Looks kind of grim to me.

What do you guys think would make the changes listed appropriate?