Vega and his damn nasty Ultra!

Vega’s Ultra Bloody High Claw keeps being something I just can’t pull off. I’ve gotten pretty good with Vega but it’s just sad that I still can’t pull of his Ultra…
After practicing in training mode I can do it consecutively sometimes but in an actual battle I can’t anymore. Obviously spending time on the other side of the stage trying it over and over only to end up with a backflip doesn’t help. Now I’m just trying it randomly sometimes hoping it will end well, but in that way I can’t really time them right because I’m too slow or some opponents just block it!

So my questions:
When to time it in real battle?
And above all are there shortcuts you guys use to make it easier to execute it?

And wtf can I execute his Super easily?! :wtf:

This is what you’re looking for. Come over to the Vega side :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally don’t rely on his ultra because with online lag it just makes it not worth the effort of input.
But there are plenty of guys in the Vega forum that can give you pointers.

Its an uphill battle to learn the least useful Ultra in the whole game…but that makes it all the sweeter when some idiot ryu throws a fireball from full screen and you end the match with BHC.

Practice is the only way. Instead of practice mode I’d try it in Arcade on Easy, then on Medium.

Go to training mode. Set it to quick stand ON, refill on all meters, no stun.

Program Ryu to hurl fireballs with a long gap in between each one.

Work on REACTING to the fireball with BHC…if you are “guessing” because you learned the pattern, time to switch up the pattern slightly.

I gotta recommend against arcade mode, because the computer simply does not block ultras. As for it’s use online, I have pulled it on reaction, and if the game is laggy as well, god just throw it out.

The SF4 computer blows…but the computer in TvC is the best fighting game AI I have ever seen in my life.

Here’s hoping SSF4 has a more useful computer opponent for new players to cut their teeth on.

I hardly ever see anybody land Vega’s Ultra outside of the far screen fireball situation. In that case you don’t even do the regular :db::df::db::uf: because it will put you on their side of the screen.

It becomes :db::df::db::ub: which is as awkward as you would assume.

The MvC2 AI for Rogue and Storm got downright nasty at times. Mixups for days.

I think Guile’s Ultra is even more useless. At least Claw’s Ultra goes through fireballs (which should, theoretically, stop people from throwing them). Guile has Ultra? Continue the pressure!

edit: FYI OP, Guile’s ultra motion is the same as Claw’s.

Actually I find quite a few uses for Guile’s Ultra.

  1. It has a rear hitbox. While it sucks to use an ultra for this, if someone tries to cross you up, just ultra. Even if you don’t get the auto-turnaround, the rear part of the hitbox will catch them, and while the rest whiffs, you are not punishable because its an untechable knockdown. It gives you enough time to wake up, sobat kick away, and start lobbing booms again.

  2. Anytime you land a LV2 crumple, just go straight into ultra.

  3. I’ve actually done this metagame before: Let your opponent land a really obvious tick or walk up throw. Then, put yourself in the same position and watch their dumbass use the SAME approach…and just ultra. Its amazing how often this works, especially online.

But having said that, I agree that its basically ruined by the fact that there are no real setups for it at all.

When I do play guile, which is fairly often, I use all my meter for EX sonic boom and to FADC flashkicks to make them safe on my wakeup. Ultra is just a bonus if I can land it.

The real problem with Claw’s ultra is that he takes about a year and a half to jump back to the far wall…you can literally see it coming a mile away and laugh at him while he whiffs. If they made it startup WAY faster (I’m talking like…7 frame startup and no wall jump backward first) it would actually be really good, even without the ability to combo into it.

Can also do Guile’s off a flashkick or off his super.

I’m seething that Makoto seems to have a faster jump to the wall than Vega. She’s not a goddamned ninja!

You can land the Ultra if either the flash kick trades or hits at the peak of the opponent’s jump (I’ve yet to try this in a real match… usually the fk gets straight out stuffed lol). The timing off the super is quite strict and typically speaking, Guiles will not use their bar for super; they’d use it for EX boom/fk instead.

I have been super-ed in an online game, so not all Guile’s use it constantly.
Depends on if you want to go for a flashy finish or not. is a sod for trying said flashy finishes

At first is was really hard to pull of in the middle of the battle for me but when you realize how it’s do it’s easy. :db::df::db::ub::3p: Don’t go to centre but follow the edges and it should be easy.
I hope you understood what I’m trying to say. I used to play a lot with Guile.

Yeah, I never even bother to attain super with guile.

I usually save two bars and then spend the rest on ex booms.

I actually use FK > FADC pretty often if I have the meter and manage to get knocked down. Its worth the two bars in some matches to get back on your feet safely.

I find it much easier to pull off Guile and Vega’s ultra/super by charging down-back, hitting down-forward and then rolling the stick from down-forward to back to up-back in one smooth motion. Works really well.

i think that’s when people make mistake everybody always say don’t save super when you play guile WRONG when you play ryu or ken especially i have always find saving super VERY useful which makes the match up even

  1. try NOT to Ex-sonic doom (saver meter)
  2. saving meter helps to cancel flash kick if unsure
  3. when you have super meter ryu can NEVER cross you up even on wake up which if you ultra ryu can block.
  4. super meter help if the match got to 3rd round
  5. try not to punish with ex meter

With Vega in some match up i ultra in the opposite wall in hope it will catch my opponent and to prevent full punishment if whiff.

If you can perform his Super reliably, you must be messing up the input of the 3ks on the Ultra. Try setting one button to 3k to see if you are doing the motion right. If you mess up more in actual battles maybe you are rushing it too much or not charging the db long enough.

Like Zerojay said, some people find it alot easier to do db charge to df and then roll the stick smoothly to ub like a half-circle or 180 motion. Remember that ending in uf will go to the opposite wall.

Good times to use Vega’s ultra are:

-through fireballs, including air fireballs as they land
-after a focus crumple, backdash to ultra
-if opponent jumps in at you from unsafe distance
-if opponent jumps at all (full screen neutral jumps, etc)
-if opponent focuses or dashes out of focus
-some people like to sit fullscreen and do stupid shit like spam cr jab, focus, or build meter with empty moves
-bait lariat with walldive, steer away at last moment and punish with ultra
-punish blanka balls

Lots of other setups and punishments for certain moves, check out the Vega forums for more advice.

  1. Gain Ultra.
  2. Bait jump/meter build.
  3. ???
  4. Profit!!

Don’t know if I did it right. >_>