Vega Beginner's Guide

Well, I finally got convinced to make a separate thread for it.
Recently I’ve been working on a string of articles for people to get to grips with Vega should they choose to pick him up (Considering we always have threads going ‘Why should I do this? Why shouldn’t I do that?’

For Beginners;
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

For Intermediates;
Part I
Part II
Part III

I haven’t completed them all yet. (Far from it) but I thought I’d chuck them here since it gives people a chance to read them and maybe give feedback if there’s anything I should miss as I go along.

I’ve done a few notes about things like CH without going into OS and Corpsehops or anything yet since they aren’t exactly ‘Beginner’ but I’ll be starting intermediate in a few articles time anyway.

So, thoughts, comments, critique, ‘Francys, you’re doing it wrong!’ would be appreciated. Thanks =)

I appreciate ur work! :slight_smile: Good going, this will be a good help for new players as well as others (average, good).

Just wondering, will matchups be put in here as well? We need one for the super version.

Why does PPP flip into super not work for me? my execution is flawless??? Do I need more cozmic heal?

That was a great read, thanks for writing it.

Look at the tabs on the page list :wink: It’s a work in progress, but I am working on it. It’s just getting past that first hurdle because trying to find Abel info from the Getgo is going "ARGH!"
I just have to scour the matchup threads as unorganized as they are haha.

Petey: MUCH MORE COSMIC HEEL! (Why do I see myself saying this in a Russian accent? XD)

Vegarama: It doesn’t stop there, I’m working on more as we speak. I’ll keep updating the thread as I go anyway~

Sounds awesome! Really looking forward to this :slight_smile: Read part 1 and u write very well, easy to understand and all.

This is awesome. Is there a way to possibly include some vega players that might be willing to work with someone wanting to use Vega. Personally I am having a hard time trying to generate an attack without being so predictable. I know if I stand back that does nothing for me as Vega is a non projecticle character which means his body is his attack. You would think after playing a million Ryu’s I would know how to fight against them but again I need to see some more people playing. I dont mind going into a room and being passed just to see how Vega should be played.

thanks in advance.

Sure, where are you from? Could always add one of us on PSN or XBL =)

I’ll send a PM as I am not trying to hijack your thread. But I do think if you could name some Vega players who wouldnt mind coaching that would be great too.

I really like fighting Vega, he’s soo fast. Any Xboxlive Vega players can train against my Ryu 5K anytime you see me on.
I Recently did the Vega #24 challege. (Fast Don’t Lie)
“More Than A Game”

John 17:3

if you need coaching, lemme kno :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you kindly not hijack my thread. ^^ </Bioshock reference>

But saa, Do you guys think it’s too early to use hitboxes (I’ll explain them first obv) to explain how an anti-air works?

No, hitboxes are a really helpful tool in understanding a character. They physically show you where you need to be hitting them. They’re not even really complicated, I mean, you’d put a picutre of the move next to the description with no problem, hitboxes just show that something extra.

I asked tonylew aswell if I could borrow his explanation on how to understand hitboxes and he said it was fine =) So that’ll give people a much better understanding.

Trust me, when I get started on footsies, the handbook…I’ll be launching that straight in their face from the get-go XD

Thanks for this guide! I look forward to reading through all of it but what i saw so far is awesome!

I’ve read your article and enjoyed most of it.

Minor details:
-st.MK is the longest poke he has with his normals. Makes no sense since st HP with claw clearly shows him stabbing the dude but nope… SF physics breaks U.

-cr.MP canceling to backflip KKK is not a good idea because it pushes you back out of your pressure range plus you have frame disadvantage. Anything that can reach over where you are within 8 frames will hit you ie.Dhalsim/Rufus/Seth But I admit its quite cool to do it. Look at Vega flip is awesome.

-Losing Claw also loses damage with claw based attacks not only reduction of range.

IE: The claws, they do nothing! but thanks, I’ll chuck that in there =)

Maybe save this then for the final bit I’ll be doing after advanced under “things that look cool/funny with Vega but aren’t exactly useful?”

Shoot did I actually forget to write that in? XD

Good stuff Francys,It looks like you put alot of work into this.

I have matchups to start off with soon haha. I think I might do them in the style that the Guy forums have theirs set out with the matchup difficulty, essential pokes and punishes, things to look out for, things NOT to do etc.

Keep at it! Thanks for the hard work.