Vega Changes in the upcoming Patch for USF4



Medium Rolling Crystal Flash
• Fixed the issue where Vega could not perform a red focus on the last hit against a blocking opponent.
Flying Barcelona Special
• Fixed the issue where regardless of which strength of attack was used to activate the attack, the height at which Vega grabbed the wall was the same.
• Fixed the issue where Vega would cling to the wall at a lower point if the knee hit on the way up.
• Modified invincibility from Projectile/Throw Invincibility -> Total Invincibility when he jumps off the wall after activation.
• Fixed the issue where it was extremely difficult to land the Rolling Izuna Drop against a cornered opponent.

I have a question for you guys to make sure I’m reading this right “Modified invincibility from Projectile/Throw Invincibility -> Total Invincibility when he jumps off the wall after activation.” This basically means Vega cant be Light Punched out of his Super now right? As a Vega player i think “Fuck yeah finally” but how exactly would people avoid it? Other then other Vega or Poison players doing the back flip i don’t see a way to get away from him, and knowing Capcom they might not let that fly.

Also so happy to see the super can finally be comboed into in the corner now resulting in a Izuna!


He was only invincible during Super freeze. And he was completely invincible by 1f IIRC.

It seems like a mistranslation.


Wow I did not dare to hope, but it looks like they actually fixed some real Vega bugs!

Current mood: happy :wink:


Ok. Now I just need that “EX FBA will whiff on some cornered characters who are crouching.” and “Mask pickup command overlaps with some inputs.” gets solved.

Seriously, lol, look at this:
"I’ll just go there and crMP" - > Mask pick up into Negative Edge Mask throw haha, loses match.

It’s weird though that the fact RCFs no longer have bonus hitstun from counter hits are not listed in that bugs list. =/


i can’t count the amount of times i’ve lost a match because i plinked the with a lp and lk instead of just lk…it’s hard to change a habit that’s been developed for 5+ years.


Can we actually make requests or is this stuff that Capcom just decides for us and “fixes”? I have to say that while it’s a good ting those issues get fixed, there are FAR more important things that need patching.


They also fixed Claw’s “Super combo on successful rising knee hit does not allow direction choice for the izuna drop followup” thing.

Btw, you guys should always use LK Super in a hit confirm. Simply because now MK/HK Super reach higher.
For example, you can’t jiHP crMK crMP xx MK/HK Super a crouching Cammy in the corner as the Super will whiff, while LK does the job.
HK Super can’t even hit on her midscreen. Which means LK Super all the way.

So far, so good. We can’t do Super with EX FBA input (in case of a misinput) because it may cause the Super to whiff, but it’s all good. Fair enough.


dammit, i liked the fact i could do ex fba in case i didn’t input the super correctly…also i found it strange how i couldn’t change the direction on where to throw my opponent when i super. it was “super” annoying. super.


Well, you can use LK+MK Super, but some of the crouching opponents will not get hit by it in some distances. So you gotta know the hurtbox of the opponent/use it on your own risk.


What’s Ayano saying? Eventhubs just says "In the blog, Ayano also details some of the new changes set to be added to M. Bison, Balrog, Vega, Sagat, Seth, and Gouken. "
But I think its about Omega Vega.


Well, this is about Omega, so yeah… wrong topic :stuck_out_tongue:
Regarding the ideas… I have no idea.