Vega Claw Cheap Damage Mod

This is a mod for PC that i done after a brainstorm with my friend Ijimero about how improve Vega, vega is a very cool character that capcom does not like that much, and not so strong as he deserves.

Did this little change could make Vega top tier?


it wouldnt change anything except opponent’s mentality if on pixels of life. That’s it

Loved it. Always thought this is the way it’s supposed to be. How’s your arm gonna save you from blades anyway? Fucking Cody’s knife does chip damage. I also think the claw should never drop. We don’t see Rose dropping her shawl or Rolento losing his pipe.

Cool. Fucking cool.
Hell, how I wish that this was implemented. It wouldn’t make Vega overpower at all. But it would be cool as fuck.
Vegaman is right. The psycological effect would be awesome. They would fear Vega. And they should, after all is a psycopath with a sharp metal claw!

It would give him an unfair advantage over all other characters since he doesn’t need to be in a stance like Cody. The claw is part of his normal getup, he starts every round with it and recovers it in between.

Not the first thing I’d do with the character but its an interesting bit.

If Vega had to pick up his claw like Cody…maybe.
Otherwise, no. Those 5-damage bits add up when you consider how much you use that claw.

This buff only makes sense but meh…

Edit: That buff would arguably be somewhat OP and fair at the sametime just because of the fact he has no way to really open you up. You could down back vega all day for free if your opponents defense if on point,. POM doesn’t amount to much because there’s no combo potential afterwards so another meh…

I think you have forgotten the normal grab with the best range in the game, which can also be done as a kara for additional range.

POM does amount to something because they’ll soon learn that they can’t just sit on db. Making them open for crMK which leads to combo to knockdown, which also can lead to slamming them with sweep. Also a knockdown.

You also forget that Vega has one of the best kara grabs in the game. I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with people on downback BECAUSE of this.
Learn to set up into it and downback no longer becomes a problem, it becomes a hilarious challenge of “Yup, you can’t sit there all day. Just Sayin’.”

No, I haven’t forgotten any of those thing you both mentioned. I was looking at it more from a comparison point of view, of course you can’t down back all day because the risk of being thrown remains but I feel like it isn’t even worth mentioning because there’s nothing unique about it, what charcter can’t open you up from a grab, either way damage is damage. What I was really getting at is you can pretty much block his advances without anything major to worry about. Then others not so much, when you got characters that can deal omgwtf loads of damage with combos starting from overheads or simply Cr.Lk.