Vega (Claw)


I’ll be honest I’m extremely new to ST but I’d like to know how to effectively use Vega, anyone have any tips or strats?

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo beginner thread
  1. Mash cr. strong.
  2. Jump fbs whenever you want and hit em with j. fierce
  3. After knockdown, walldive shenanigans
  4. Be gay
  5. Repeat 1-4 as needed
  6. Win
  7. The end


Edit:Stupid shit I said back when I didn’t know what I was talking about.


Ah ok good to know, my first instinc when playing him was mash the crap out of c. mp and tick like crazy, didn’t know he was that good to be soft banned though


Edit: More dumb shit.


(post ment with respect, and not ment to flame)

What? By whom? That is news to me.
I don’t know any serious SF player(s) that would softban him.
(It is not like he is akuma…)

Kyokuji you’re a crazy boy :looney: :rofl:

Softbanning is a joke.
Go to any serious player and say something like that.
They’ll have a good laugh.


BnB combos

Crouching MK, Flip Kick (HK), juggle with Flip Kick (HK?)
crouching MP, claw roll, link crouching MP

All good pokes.
Standing far MP, HP, MK are all great against shutting Gief down on the ground
crouching MP is god poke u can also use LP, LK, MK
Slide from max range (blocked) is decently safe.

Haven’t played in a whiel so I got little to nothing to offer


Edit: Even more.


Flip Kick can be stored.

My main bread and butter is jump roundhouse, crouch forward, link into crouch strong. I call it the fastest three hits around. Usually dizzies, if not, then one more hit does it.


LOL… No shit. Yeah there is some truth to that.:rofl:


Know that standing roundhouse is a nice anti-air too, and sometimes crouching fierce. These are alternatives to if you don’t have your flip kick ready to go. Standing roundhouse is better overall than crouching fierce…at least I think so. It can cleanly beat Fei Long out of his chicken wing kick thingy, for example.

Another one (more of an air to air) is his jumping forward or away with fierce. It’s a nice way to beat out an opponent wall-diving Vega and it has some success with Chun-Li’s jumping short kicks. Plus jumping fierce if your ticket to punishing stuff like Honda flying headbutts, Bison flying torpedos, and horizontal Blanka balls.


Standing HK is def his best AA. Crouching HP is good against a low jumping opponent from a distance.

One thing I like to throw in after a blocked claw roll is cr. MP to wall dive. U can do the regular one or Sky High Claw. Just a good way to fool your opponents.


soft banning any character just makes you vulnerable to them. On another note he is able to be beaten if you learn his weaknesses of course. but this is a thread about how to win with him.

Ducking fierce is better than standing roundhouse in some situations

Standing roundhouse has some vulnerability issues vs some chars like chuns jumpins. But you can jump straight up and hit fierce to counter her jumpins.

Techniques. Well a basic one that some people might not do is i back off and use triple kick flips to charge my super up. If you arent using his super then get used to it, many characters have certain vunerable situations where its extremely good to use and considering you cant ‘miss it’ its one of the best supers in the game.


not to argue but I think standing HK is more suited. It just has to be out early.

Also dont forget you can link a cr. MP off of a standing close HP


Here some help!

I wish I had my YBH here with me.

I would post the hit box images, then the reason why the cr.feirce is better than the roundhouse would be very obvious.

So, you have to take in faith what I am going to say…LOL.


Every character is outlined in colilsion areas. In the game you can’t see them but they are there. This is shown when you hit someone. Sparks explode on a characters when the areas collide.

YBH illustrates these areas with the use of blue and red boxes.

The blue box outlines the area where you take damage. (ie. characters body)

The red box is outlines the areas where you give damage. (ie. the extended arm of Ryu’s standing friece)

If a red box of player 1 over laps a blue box player 2, player two takes damage.

If both player have both red boxes and both blue boxes over lapping, they hit trade and they both receive damage.

NKI has a link in the wiki that gives examples of the blue & red boxes.

Knowing this we can assert that every move has an optimal hit position. This is where you hit with the part of the red box that is the furthest from the blue box on your character.

This allows you to attack your oppenent with keeping your vulnerable areas as far away as possible from you opponent . Think of this as “priority” in SF lingo.

The Hit box spread (distance between the blue box and the red box) is substantially greater in the cr.ferice than the standing roundhouse. It’s spread is twice that than that of the round house, and therefore harder to hit through (it has better higher priority) if you are trying to jump in.

Here is a list characters and some of their highest priority jump ins that have a harder time hitting through a cr.friece than the standing round house. (Off the top of my head)

Chun, Jp. fw
Blanka, jp. hk,hp,wk
Zangief, jumping Knee
Guile, jp straight up freice (he pretty much can’t jump in against vega)
Dahlsim, drills
T.hawk, dive & Jp.hp
Cammy, jp. mp
Dee Jay, jp.wp,hk,mk
Fei Long, jp. hk
Vega, jp.hp
Balrog (boxer) jp.hp

Most of these will hit through the standing RH clean (even if rh is at optimal hit position). Where as they may trade or be beaten by the cr.fierce (if at optimal position)

I hope this helps. :wgrin: I had to throw it together really quickly.


once again not arguing but the reason I ASSUMED that HK was better is because of the positioning on cr. HP. But I’ve seen this YHB thing b4 with Guile. If ya do find it, can u send it to me please. But one last thing, does Flip Kick beat both AA’s?


I don’t think you are:wgrin: . I was just trying to pass some info.

Are you looking to buy the book? There is a link in the ‘SF Turbo in the house,’ thread. If i can get it a color scanner at home to work, I’ll put up those two images (cr.hp & standing hk) for comparison.

Yeah, it is his best anti-air. Invicbility, good damage (hits x 3), and builds meter, you can’t ask for more!..:lovin: …LOL


a few things are being left out though, as vega’s ground game is best used when mixing standing forwards (at both close and medium range) standing fierces (which also has good priority over shoto low roundhouse for example), cr. forwards and strongs. And Graham is right on Vega’s super, it’s a wonderful tool in his arsenal and can grab rog out of a dashing punch and is just a great way to screw with your opponent’s head when you have a full meter. Don’t forget either his jumping straight up strong punch as it can snuff a decent amount of air attacks. When Vega is knocked down and your opponent is right on top of you, throw him immediately as you get up as vega has an excellent grab range and would have the wake up advantage anyway since he’s the one that’s getting back up. I really can’t stress enough just poking with his standing forward and other crouching attacks, although be careful around cammy with that as she can give vega a hard time if played patiently. Don’t underestimate his jumping short as it can snuff out certain AAs. And lastly, don’t be bashful about cheaping with vega, he’s designed for throwing out a blocked attack and then following up with a throw. When going against other charge characters, after you knock them down, right before they get up cross them up but don’t actually attack, the thing here is that by crossing them up you erase their charge although be careful when doing this against guile as he can still flash kick but if you space your jump right, it won’t be that big of a deal anyway.


ill be brief on some vega strats i use. First off he does shitty damage you probably noticed. So to make up for this i try to use the heavy buttons whenever possible , as in even anti airs since you dont know how frequently you’ll hit people try to use the highest damage buttons with him. for anti airs you dont need to use ground necessarily, one of my favorite anti airs is jump straight up and fierce. when playing charge style and approaching with slides, you can do the flip kick as an anti air, this style is relatively annoying to fight against since you cant jump at him but he outranges you on the ground.

Ask some specific questions and ill give ya some answers.



shall we move on to match-up’s now

when usign Vega I always use him against Vega

Mainly use all of your pokes, keep-away the usual shit. Try for no tick throws. Always try for Claw Roll on waking up Gief’s. I dont think he can SPD outta it on wake-up, possible though I’m sure. Also mix-up the wall dive(s) game. From max range standing HP works great against Gief