Vega Combos & Glitches

Under Major Reconstruction

This first post was/is supposed to be a valuable resource for claw players of all skill levels; currently, it is a trifling little affair. I’m going to do my best to amend what I can, but I am mediocre at best when it comes to this game. If you have any information that isn’t posted PLEASE PM me.

(P.S. I’m going to make an EZ-Read frame data for Vega and post it here.)
(P.P.S. If Sasaki allows me to, I will be updating his chart to include console characters, and posting it alongside the EZ-Read data.)

RCF - Rolling Crystal Flash
ST - Scarlet Terror
WD - Wall Dive
ID - Izuna Drop
FBA - Flying Barcelona Attack
> - Indicates which level of special to use
**BOLD **- Indicates EX Moves.

st. - Standing
cl. - Close
c. - Crouching
j. - Jumping
xx - Cancel
fc - Focus cancel

- Dealt Damage

- Dealt Stun

- Earned Gauge

!! - Claw Needed
** - Consult the chart posted above.
?? - Data is missing. The color corresponds to which kind.

No Meter

c.:lp:xx:lp:>RCF – 140 170 60

c.:lp:c.:lp:c.:lp:c.:lp:c.:mp:-- 160 255 102 !!

c.:mk:xx:lp:>RCF – 180 220 100

j.:hp:c.:lp:c.:mp:-- 193 340 116

j.:hp::ub:j.:hp:-- 200 400 120 ??

c.:mk:xx:hk:>ST – 230 300 110

j.:hp:c.:mk:c.:mp:-- 233 390 136

:df::hk: :hk:>ST – 240 300 130

j.:hp:c.:lp:c.:mp:xx:lp:>RCF – 281 436 176

j.:hp:cl.:hp:st.:hk:-- 299 580 194 **

j.:hp:c.:mk::hk:>ST – 314 480 163

**25% Meter

50% Meter

75% Meter**

j.:hp: cl.:hp:xx:hp:>RCF fc cr.:mk:cr.:mp:xxWD&ID– 434 910 ??
Focus Attack


Camera Panning Bug: The screen will stretch when you jump to the wall, making you hit it late, or not at all.
Still no solution to this problem?

Slide Glitch: [media=youtube]RugX36uqMXI[/media]
Questions need to be answered about this. Why does this happen? What characters will this happen on? Does this have a use, or is it just a bug?

(If you’ve found a combo, glitch, or any other information I am missing let me know via PM.)[/COLOR]

FA -> D/F + HK -> EX-Walldive.

Good thread to help people understand combos and glitches in Vega’s overall game.

Here’s a glitch for you Vega enthusiasts to work out:

Where, when, and why do Walldives (both EX and normal) miss catching the actual wall or hit the wall late?

hint: It might have to do with Vega’s df rh.

Good stuff! Combos don’t belong in the Q&A thread anyway.

I like to do these personally:
jHP, clHP, cMP
As far as I can tell, it’s safe even when blocked
jHP, cLP, cMPxxLP RCF, FADC-able
Nice damage, keeps opp close
dfHK, EX Wall Dive, Izuna Drop
Second B&B, when you have meter
jHK, cMK, cMPxxEX Walldive, Izuna Drop
Another good damage combo, needs claw
Whatever, lol

I don’t think we should include FA in our combos since you can always combo after a FA.

I know if the opp is jumping towards you, you’ll reach the wall late because the screen is moving.
But that’s not what you were going for, your clue’s got me stumped.

I noticed that if the opp is in the corner, and you try to do dfHK to EX walldive, you’ll reach the wall in a weird way that you won’t get the izuna drop out. Maybe you get to the wall too early, plus the opp isn’t being launched to the center of the screen, so you can’t get a good position and get the grab to connect.

In the stead of my video, which will go over combo strength/weaknesses, and where/when to use said combos, I think someone should post a chart of which combos will work on which characters. For instance:

cr. mk, cr. mp, ex walldive, will always work on sagat, abel, rufus, and gief, no matter what the distance. BUT, with some characters the ex walldive will only hit at certain distances, AND some characters it wont hit at all (blanka).

If This comes up, I will edit it right in there.

I don’t mind doing this, once the video is out.

j. HP, cl. HP, cr. MP, cancel into EX-Wall-Dive.

Vega’s staple D/F HK into Ex-Wall-dive does 250 damage (25%).
D/F HK into HK Scarlet Terror does 240 (24%).
D/F HK into EX Scarlet Terror does 260 (25%).

It is most cost-efficient to do a HK Scarlet Terror, but wake-up options and positioning aren’t as good as Ex-Walldive.

Ultra -> 300

Full Ultra -> 450

Super -> 330

Any combos into his roll?

-Vega Combos and Notes-

Longest Rage Normal: st.MK

–No Meter–

cr.LP xx Light Rolling Crystal Flash = 140dmg
cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP,cr.LP, cr MP = 147dmg
cr.MK/cr.MP xx Light Rolling Crystal Flash = 180dmg
j.HP, cr.LP, cr.MP = 186dmg
j.HP, :ub:j.HP = 200dmg
cr.MK xx Heavy Scarlet Terror = 230dmg
df.HK xx Heavy Scarlet Terror = 240dmg
j.HP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx Light Rolling Crystal Flash = 263dmg
j.HP, cr.MK xx Heavy Scarlet Terror = 298dmg

–EX Meter–

df.HK xx EX Wall Dive Izuna Drop = 250dmg
df.HK xx EX Scarlet Terror -260dmg
j.HP, cr.MK xx EX Scarlet Terror = 314dmg
j.HP, cr.MK, cr.LP xx EX Wall Dive, Izuna Drop = 315dmg
j.HP, cr.MK/cr.MP xx EX Wall Dive, Izuna Drop = 319dmg

–Focus Attack–

lvl3 FA cr.MK, cr.LP xx EX Wall Dive Izuna Drop = 322dmg
lvl3 FA, df.HK xx EX Wall Dive Izuna Drop = 329dmg

–Character Specific–

j.HP, cr.MK, cr.MP xx EX Wall Dive, Izuna Drop = 351dmg

Doesn’t work on:
El Fuerte

j.HP, st.HP, cr.MP xx EX Wall Dive Izuna Drop = 381dmg

Doesn’t work on:
El Fuerte

*Note: For some reason not matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get this combo to work on Gouken and Bison, they always block the EX Wall Dive, it may be because they have weird hitboxes and I don’t think it is my timing, check if you want and prove me wrong please.

Note 2: Some combos involving the Claw may not work if you don’t have it, but I was too lazy to verify this.

Feel free to add or correct me if I messed up some thing.

Possible to add a or j.hp before these:

cr.lp,, EX Barcelona, Izuna Drop
cr.lp,, lk Scarlet Terror, EX Scarlet Terror, cr.lp, EX Barcelona, Izuna Drop
cr.lp,cr.lp, EX Barcelona, Izuna Drop

Not possible to add a or j.hp before these:,

Yes its possible to combo j.Hk to for total of 210 points of dmg if you hit deep enough! You can cross them up with df+mk afterwards but why bother when Vega’s got other good options off…

His most damaging combo options are:

  1., xx L.kick Scarlet terror EX Scarlet terror (327 dmg points)
    -Note: this combo wouldnt work on chunky characters like Rufus and Gief…but its guaranteed to hit on Chun Li, others?

  2., cl.Hp, cr+mp xx EX Barcelona, Izuna drop (381 dmg points)
    -Note:Guaranteed to hit on every1 as long as you link the

  3. LVL 3 FA->Full Ultra (455 dmg points)

j.HP/HK c.lp ex wall dive works on everybody even crouching and easier to link a better option than

FA lvl 2 or 3 dash back Ultra

izuna drop super is godly :wink:

does HK kara count as a glitch?

also isn’t sHP his longest normal? i’ll go check… :3

re-edit: sHP looks longer, but the tip of the claw doesn’t hit (?)… sMK it is…

You can still catch them you just have to delay the drop input. I usually wait until we’re halfway to the ground and press :d::hp:

I am not to sure about this, if you read my post, I tested the same combo on:
El Fuerte

EX Wall Dive just goes over them, the cr.MP is actually at fault here, since it pushes Vega far enough to miss the EX Wall Dive and Bison and Gouken block the Dive no matter how perfect my timing is.

I did my homework mate, I think this is the first game where Vega’s longest range normal isnt st.HP…weird. But that is alright, st.MK is faster anyways.

c:mp:~ex wall doesn’t hit on all characters especially when crouched. i wish it did.

i really just wanted to post that :lk: scarlet terror can combo without an ex scarlet follow up. if you hit a jumping/aerial opponent at the apex of their ascent you can follow up with :mk: or :hk: scarlet terror.this will save your ex scarlet for a better opportunity.

its that the only other double flip kick combo

Sry, I just tested the combo:
It requires your back to be as near to the wall as you can to reduce the push-back…Even then chip dmg from the EX dive is the most you can land… xx Low Scarlet, EX scarlet misses on:
El Fuerte

Its interesting to note that cr.Mk cr.lp xx Wall dive+ suplex only does 3~4 more points of dmg when compared to only doing the xx wall dive combo

Great Post! took me like 45 minutes to get all that in the edit. :rofl:

I encourage everyone to be that concise.