Vega Combos & Glitches

I’ve got a glitch. I found this out while practicing my wake-up game. Against shotos, to include dan, i found that if you hit deep with a jumping :hk: or :hp: and try to follow up with c:hk: claw goes right through the character. This is a pain! I mirrored claw and it happened with him too. I don’t see much benefit from this cause the whole move follows through without interruption. The opponent can easily punish the whiffed c:hk:.

Can anyone confirm this?

There’s gotta be more combos out there, And there are still alot of notes to be added. Post more!

Awesome thread - very helpful.

i’m trying to get a capture device to make a quick vid. it’s very easy to do so maybe someone else could do so before me.

Not really a combo per se, but does anyone know if you can use L1 focus attack to beat jump-ins?

if you use it like a parry from third strike yes. i actually use l1 focus cancel to build my meters against projectile heavy characters.

on another note, i tested to see which characters the slide glitch worked on, here’s the list:

"works on"
fei long
all shotos, even daddy shoto, gouken and sakura.
el fuerte

"doesn’t work on"
chun li
gen, both styles.

another thing i found, claws :mk:, if done in rapid succession, moves him forward the distance of a kara throw with each kick. i like this considering its his farthest reaching attack already.

hope this helps!

Wait what does this mean?

I am wanting to know if I can use it to counter the jump-in attack and stuff them in the mouth before they follow it up by using the ‘instant’ FA (rather than trying to charge it at all)

yeah basically do the focus attack right as the jump attack is being executed so that claw absorbs the attack and counters with the focus. the only problem i see is against those characters that have a faster poke. im not too versed on the frame data but i do know that claws c:lp: is four frames, that being said if youre mirroring vegas and you have your opponent jump in with :hk:/:hp: after you absorb the attack he will always interrupt if he follows up with c:lp:.

study your opponent to see how he/she approaches that way you know the best way to counter.

honestly, though, your best bet for anti air is to anticipate the jump and stuff an air throw in their face.

I’m getting a bit miffed with the camera pan bug. I’m sure y’all have seen this before - you dive off the back wall to hit your Ultra, or you hit an EX Wall Dive combo, only to find out that you’re jumping to the part of the stage where the camera decides to swing to a different direction. Result: dive takes longer, breaking your combo or giving your opponent enough time to land / recover from attacking, and block your Ultra.

Is there any way to know when this is coming? I know that diving at the far wall while your opponent jumps back will break the dive, and that I can deal with… the issue I have is with perfectly normal, every-day wall dives getting stuffed because hey, why not?

I dunno. Is this a wide-screen vs. CRT thing? (I have an old TV). Is it reproducible? Does it have a certain logic to it? Is there some secret algorithm keeping Vega down? Or is it just a random stupid thing that’ll lose you a game now and again because it felt like it?

I’m Going to put this up so people will look up the specifics. Thanks :smokin:

As far as I know that only happens when someone decides to move towards you while you’re wall diving. I forgot exactly how close they have to be in order for the screen to move (I THINK it’s around 3/4th away) but that’s always been the case for me.

A crafty Ryu player started doing that after throwing FB’s so he’d move the screen when I’d double flip thus making me get hit by the FB (I started single flipping an punishing accordingly anyway). So he kept advancing slowly when I changed up tactics and that’s when I started noticing it.

But yeah there are times when you’ll go for any thing dealing with the wall and it takes like 3x as long to “grip” the wall because of that. I’ll test it some tonight if you guys want.

^Please Do^

I assume all vegas are tired of wall dives hitting nothing.

I would hugely appreciate any testing. The one thing I’d say is that I’ve seen it happen in df+RH xx EX Wall Dive combos, and it doesn’t seem like that would fit within the dude-moves-forward model. But definitely, I’ll keep that in mind and see if I can find that pattern in missed wall dives.

At least, if that’s the case, it’s mostly just an issue with random dives, and not okizeme or anti-fireball dives.

Man, I love Vega. Why’s he gotta treat me so bad sometimes?

how do you pull off the df+HK then straight into scarlet terror? I have seen this on video many times, but in order to do scarlet terror, you need db charge, so the df+HK then immediately switch to db charge will not be enough to pull a scarlet terror out, please advise.

Well that is exactly what you need to do, you gotta do it very fast, meaning as soon as you hit with the launcher, you should already be charging. Its all about the timing.

If you play ST and know how to do the 3 hit Scarlet Terror combo then you know about the timing I am talking about, practice practice practice.

i c. i was wondering if the move is done as two separate or u just hit the launcher in the middle of your scarlet terror so the system treats it as two moves if u do it fast enough.

Hmmm that is some fast moves then… i can only do double scarlet terror right now. and yeah sf4 is my first fighting game, this is my 3rd week playing it ^^.

Thanks for the tip

Hey can someone tell me why I cant combo into 4 hits the df.rh into m.punch into ex wall dive accross the opponent into izuna/slash?
I get all the hits off and it always does a 2 and 2 combo not a 4 hit ???

j:hp:, cl:hp:, m/h rolling crystal flash.
rcf must be initiated at first hit of cl:hp:. this works nice to set up supers.

j:hp:, df:hk:, ex-wall dive to izuna drop.
timing is strict to actually combo the df:hk:.

j:hp:, df:hk:, h/ex scarlet terror.
timing restrictions on this as well.

the combos with df:hk: must start with j:hp: and hit deep.

Just to add to starscarjenova, it’s jump UP HP, as far as I can tell, jump forward won’t work (or at least very unreliable).

I’ve noticed after whaling on SP+SK in the air, that it can be made to look like your throwing them from way out of your range.

I air threw a Ken under me while we were both in the air, and somehow pulled another off on an Abel who seemed to be about a few character lengths away in the air. Maybe his throw just has more range than it seems, I dunno. I definitely didn’t think it’d work from those particular distances, but I guess it worked at the earliest possible moment since I was pounding away at it as soon as I jumped toward my opponent.