Vega defense?



I’m told I am doing ok with my offense on Vega, but my defense needs some work. Specifically when I get knocked down. The match ups that are giving me the most headaches are Ryu and Laura. What should I be doing after getting knocked down and they are right on top of me?


Learn the “jump-tech” - use st.LK to beat out untrue pressure and use V-Reversal wisely.


Laura, good luck. Ryu, block and learn what can be countered.

Whats the “jump-tech” you speak of? Is that the jump air throw whiff?


Yes, exactly.


Yep. Also, depending on what stance Vega’s in, we have some options on wakeup against meaty grabs. In claw stance, you can input a delayed EX ASE on wakeup to either block a meaty or OS against throws/command grabs with EX ASE which is throw invincible. Makes a good argument for mostly staying in claw stance vs grapplers—

In barehand, you can attempt a jump cancel Grand Izuna Drop to beat a meaty command grab if you wanna be fancy or just do the normal thing and make a read and jump or backdash, though proper meaties will beat either option. There may be some cool tech involving OS’ing jump canceled moves on wakeup but I haven’t really fucked with that; I’m still focusing on getting my neutral solid and trying to avoid knockdown situations.

Jump cancel tech, videos courtesy of Arlieth—