Vega drawing and tattoo

here’s a drawing i did last year. some guy on elfwood wanted to get a tattoo of it…crazy ass. of course, i gave him permission. o_O

oh yeah, and credit goes to arnold tsang and the udon crew - i got the vega pose from the sf#3 cover

eh, the tattooist couldn’t really copy my shading style o_O. still looks bad ass though

That tattoo-ist sucked. =( The ink looks shitty. you should be the tattoo-ist =D

Vega is top tier. and so is your drawings.

…Yeah, a really poor job on the ink. The first pick was pretty cool though - nice to see…

im sorry dude… mad props though, you are a true street fighter fan and i think we can all appriciate that

Whenever you get a tattoo of something generally make it as simple as possible with personal flare, shading is the hardest thing to do in tattoo work and its better to have more space on a flatter area (ie your chest or back) because the detail is always better on a broader spectrum. This is coming from a man with many tattoos already.

That is the absolute ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

a tattoo like that is like a dirty whore’s pussy when you are really drunk and have no condoms.
it might seem like a good idea at the time but you are going to be paying for it for the rest of your life.

on a nicer note - vega pic rocks

what’s with the Necro’d thread?
nice pic though. pity the tattoo version didn’t go as well.

I’ll side with the majority and say while the tattoo didn’t come out looking the best, the initial rocks. Good stuff.

Good idea: Drawing a bad-ass picture of Vega.

Bad idea: Trying to get the bad-ass picture tattooed.

this thread is …five years old. i’m actually ashamed of the drawing. it’s nothing more than a rip off of tsang’s cover piece.
maybe we should let this thread rest, haha.