Vega Forum Guide: Read this before posting

I’ve navigated through a number of the threads created in this sub-forum, and found that a lot of them are redundant; this sub-forum needs some serious clean up. So, in order to help this problem, I’m opening this thread with the intention of helping direct current and new Vega players towards where they need to go to find answers or pose specific questions.

Vega General Discussion: Claw’s Q&A Thread

Vega Match-Up Discussion: Viva Las Vegas - The Vega Match-Up Guide

Vega Videos and Video Discussion: Matador Video Thread

Vega Frame Data and Frame Data Discussion: Claw Frame Stuff

Vega Combos and Glitches: Vega Combo/Glitch Thread

Please consult these threads for all your Vega needs. And PLEASE, try not to create new threads without posing your question in one of the threads already given. Thank you.

This is a great thread to have. Request that it’s stickies.

If I may add a suggestion, can we make a new “Q&A” thread? The first post is a little outdated, and I think the person who made it doesn’t even come here anymore. We can extract any useful bits and pieces from the old one, and start a fresh new thread, now that we all have a better understanding of SFIV Vega.

i agree with this

It’s sorta true that creating new threads just because of one question you have is a bit stupid. Especially when it’s already been answered several times.
I agree remaking the Q&A Thread, as well as this one getting stickied.

i suggest adding “READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING” (or something like that) in the topic title because no one seems to be listening

Nice thread, first page woot :slight_smile:

If we’re remaking threads, is there any reason why each matchup shouldn’t have its own thread? So one thread for how to deal with Sagat, another for dealing with Ryu, and so on? I can see why people are posting threads asking for help against a particular character when the specific matchup info is scattered about in a single 30-page thread.

I think this is a pretty good idea.

That sounds good too, considering how drastically different you have to play against each character.

+1. I thought about this the other day too. While it would increase the number of threads it would be WAY easier to use. Sort of like a filing cabinet for each match up.

Perhaps we can organize the first post of each thread into sections like:

Ryu general match up info.

Ryu on the ground (best pokes etc.)

Ryu in the air When to jump in/AA etc.)

Specials the use and when

Specials to avoid using (with reasons if we want to have them in there)


yea there should be character specific threads and 1 main sticky match up thread that has the links to all character specific threads

That’s the whole point behind the Vega match-up thread; so you can discuss these things in there. You really think there should be 25 seperate threads discussing specific character match-ups? Why? How’s that any different from making 25 seperate Vega vs blank video threads? This whole notion pretty much undermines the enitre idea of having THIS thread in the first place. Don’t so easily forsake order for convinience. If you don’t want to spend the time to traverse a couple pages, to do some actual character research, you honestly shouldn’t be worrying about leveling your game to begin with.

Now that he’s saying it, I think it WOULD be pretty odd if we had like 25 threads in here. Think about a matchup thread dissapearing into the next page - newbies would just start making new ones themselves… Just as they’re doing it right now.
I think we should just let Bebop update the first post in the matchup thread :PP

Thank you for giving an actual reason why it should stay the way it is. I happen to agree with you and didn’t see it that way before.

Oh, I read every single page in the Q&A and match-up thread. :stuck_out_tongue:
So making it more convenient isn’t really for my OWN sake, but for the sake of others. It doesn’t bother me too much, I guess.

It’s really not that hard to find what your looking for, especially since we have this well organized thread now. Spending a few minutes reading through pages to better your game play is just as important as spending some time in training to perfect a combo.

All I’m saying is the time I’ve invested reading has payed me back already tenfold.

Couldn’t an admin come in and delete a bunch of unnecessary threads? Counting this thread, we only need like, six, yet we are already up to a second page.

I support threads being deleted. This place is absolutely cluttered with “I need help” “Vega Sucks” etc. threads.

Hey we got only about 50 threads. If you go to a Ryu/Ken section you’ll drown in 5+ topics with the same question being asked :rofl:

Good site with lots of other SF in-game, in-depth details.