Vega Forum's own Knuckles in The Excellent Adventures of gootecks & Mike Ross 11?




When in doubt, lame it out! It’s the last fight.


that wasnt me playin if you really need to kno. my bro n law was playing but i had already heard that gootecks was doing this. didnt kno that was j wong tho. but i told him after the first few seconds that he was gonna get trolled and to sit back and charge. so dont get to excited kids lol


that dash up counter was godlike though.


haha I’m not getting excited, I just forgot your gamertag.


it was funny when i was watching him play but damn i dndt think everyone would go crazy over this and it wasnt even me playing.


knucklez got trolled lol


LOL!!! i just fought Throwryuken…


That was easily the best episode of Excellent Adventures.


why did your cousin choose to use a character with whom you already happened to have accumulated 14k+ bp? lol


not cousin. bro n law. he also uses vega just not that good. if you look at the video closely and pay attention to the play style of his vega its way different from mine. he cant land the cosmic heel into scarlet terror and i NEVER miss that.


and he is also part of the reason im below 15000. i really dont care about points thats why i let him play under my name sometimes.


yeah i wasnt very impressed by the way Vega was played, its like he cant CH to ST???
I had a feeling it wasnt you, then Perfect insanity pretty much confirmed it.


yeah tell that to the other 50 idiots that keep sending me messeges lmao.


cmon now no need to be mean to your fanbase knucklez :stuck_out_tongue:


I figured it wasn’t you since I’ve played you before and you’re much better than whats shown in that video.


got this ****** on the xbox forums tryin to clown me lmao he thinks its me and try to clown me cause he cant beat me. bitch nigga name bryan nine oh 9


ive played him. free.


now thats a FUCKIN BUMASS NIKKA WORD TO MOTHER , nikka beats me one time wit Rufus & starts tellin the hole world how my vega wit over 10bp & 5PP is free pfttttt.

i challenge this herb 1st to 10 and he didnt want to play at all cuz i didnt show em nuffinn whn he beat me that one time but he 4gets how many times i bussed his ass wit all dem characters he ply wit ( rufus , Ken , balrog , guile , SETH which i got double perfects on em ezzz can u sayy absolutely Free like i gave da business to Arturo Sanchez SETH , for example ya can see it for yaselfs.


i dont care if the guy is a PRO or not which he is but he shouldnt get PERFECTED by a NON known player like myself , i mean im known online from great tourney players who give me respects to how my vega plays but cmon now.


Don’t trip out Jay, you know what you got

Plus he plays Rufus… Lmao


But it doesnt count because its online!! Do that shit offline you online warrior scrub.

THAt is what he would say if he where to wander into this thread.